ChemPoint Software

ChemPoint as your data management solution

ChemPoint as your data management solution

  • The “Government Giveaway Software” Problem: The GRITS package you have been using for data management and statistics is no longer supported by USEPA, is not Y2K compliant, and cost too much time in user frustration.
  • The ChemPoint Solution: ChemPoint imports GRITS data, solves your Y2K problem, and has the easiest user interface of any environmental data management application in this field.

  • The Lab Data Problem: Your laboratory sends your ground water analysis data in an electronic format, but you still have to pay a geologist to manually enter the data. The resulting data entry error caused you to have to redo an entire quarter’s statistical reports.
  • The ChemPoint Solution: ChemPoint provides the most comprehensive and flexible import capabilities for laboratory analytical data, including tab-delimited text, dBase, and Microsoft Access format.

  • The “Paid-too-much-for-bad-software” Problem: You have used a competing statistical analysis package. You are fed up with the limited statistical capabilities, poor user-interface, and additional fees for each facility. But you avoid upgrading because you don’t know how to convert your existing data.
  • The ChemPoint Solution: ChemPoint provides direct data import of many competing products, including Sanitas, Monitor, and DUMPStat. ChemPoint includes more statistical analysis methods than any competing product, and there are no per-facility fees. You pay once and use for an unlimited number of landfills.

  • The Data Reporting Problem: Most database systems provide store data, but their reporting capabilities seem to require a full time employee and weeks of training just to generate a single report. If you have ever used Crystal Reports, you know what we mean.
  • The ChemPoint Solution: ChemPoint has built in reporting. It does not use a third party report engine such as Crystal Reports. ChemPoint generates reports with customizable fonts, borders, and fields.

  • The “Data Entry Carpal Tunnel” Problem: With scores or parameters analyzed at dozens of wells on a quarterly basis, why pay someone to mistype 1-1-1-trichloroethane 15 times a quarter?
  • The ChemPoint Solution: ChemPoint 4.0 has the easiest data entry interface ever, with drag-and-drop parameter management is by drag-and-drop and a spreadsheet-style interface. Managing different names for the same parameter is a breeze.

  • The Foreign Contract Problem: Sure, you may think your United States data management problems are solved, but then you get a contract for environmental data management at a landfill in Osaka, Japan.
  • The ChemPoint Solution: ChemPoint 4.0 Professional (coming soon) can create reports and well construction diagrams in any language, even asian languages (with the Unicode version).