ArcGIS Desktop License Levels

Compare ArcGIS License Levels

  • ArcGIS Desktop Basic (formerly ArcView) provides all the tools you need for basic mapping and location data analysis:
    • Create interactive maps from files, databases, and online sources.
    • Create street level maps with GPS locations.
    • View CAD data and satellite imagery.
    • Generate reports and charts.
  • ArcGIS Desktop Standard (formerly ArcEditor) includes all the tools in Basic and adds the ability to:
    • Edit a multiuser geodatabase.
    • Use editing when disconnected in the field.
    • Store historical snapshots of data versions.
    • Automate quality control.
    • Create spatial data from scanned maps.
    • Use rater-to-vector conversion tools.
  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (formerly ArcInfo) includes all the tools in Basic and Standard and adds the following advanced analysis, high-end cartography, and extensive database management tools:
    • Publication-quality maps with “atlas-like” quality.
    • Advanced feature manipulation and processing.
    • Data conversion for CAD, raster, and coverage formats.

View the 45-page Desktop Functionality Matrix pdf or ArcGIS 10 Functionality Matrix poster.

Click the image above for a larger version of the ArcGIS Functionality Matrix to compare the features in each license level.