AquiferWin32 sold by RockWare

AquiferWin32 Data Entry and Analysis

About data entry:

  • As simple as entering or importing data into a spreadsheet, characterize pumping and monitoring well, select solution type and match data
  • Alternatively, designed as a repository for raw aquifer test data with programmatic data conversions
  • Define a site plan including a site map, well locations and well construction information
  • Define an aquifer test including pumping schedule, wells monitored and raw drawdown versus time data
  • Define an analysis by grouping wells, transforming and clipping well response data, optionally adjust for radial distance on a well by well basis

About data analysis:

  • Primary support for traditional manual curve matching techniques
  • User selectable and unlimited type curves on curve match graph
  • Multiple parameters available as type curves for many analyses
  • Graphically visualize the impact of specific parameters with custom type curve suite
  • Extensive curve match optimization capability
  • Control which parameters are optimized
  • Set minimum and maximum bounds on parameters
  • Optimize any parameters across multiple data sets
  • Manual and optimized curve match of the first-order derivative of the data to first-order derivative type curves
  • Support for variable pumping rates
  • Pump test simulations with contour maps and time/drawdown graphs
  • Streamline and particle trace analysis
  • Analytic element modeling with recharge, ponds, linesinks etc.
  • Auto-calibration of flow modeling parameters

About graphics:

  • Full control of graphs including size, titles, axes, colors, fonts, dash patterns and line thickness
  • Type curve graph, predicted drawdown curve through data points, observed drawdown data
  • Contours of predicted drawdown at a given time and predicted drawdown versus time data at any number of monitoring wells
  • Annotate maps and graphs with text, parameters, symbols, lines, frames and legends
  • Frames support display of bitmaps and metafiles
  • Exports to DXF, Windows Metafile and ArcView™ Shapefile formats
  • Site map and well location plan displayed in map view
  • Color flood maps in addition to or as an alternative to contour maps
  • Three dimensional perspective display using the Visualization Toolkit (vtk), written and copyrighted by Ken Martin, Will Schroeder and Bill Lorensen.