Aqtesolv Import Wizard

AQTESOLV Import Wizard

The Import Wizard is a versatile tool that works with virtually any data logger file.

Import Data in 3 Easy Steps

Aqtesolv Import Wizard

1. Browse/Preview/Select import file.

2. Identify import file structure (i.e., select appropriate data logger channel to import and format of data).

3. Filter/Transform data to reduce the number of measurements (e.g., retain a fixed number of data points per log cycle time) and to perform conversions (e.g., transform depth-to-water measurements to displacement).

The Import Wizard is designed to import data from many different types of data loggers including products from In-Situ (e.g., Hermit, Troll, MiniTroll, LevelTROLL) and Solinst (e.g., Levelogger).

In fact, the Import Wizard is so flexible that you can import data from any text (ASCII) file containing values of time and displacement or pumping rates arranged in columns. The wizard also supports data logger files with date/clock time formats! The Import Wizard virtually eliminates the need for external manipulation of the data by other software programs!

In addition to importing data logger files directly, AQTESOLV for Windows also lets you work seamlessly with spreadsheet programs. Simply copy the data from the spreadsheet to the Windows clipboard and paste the data into an AQTESOLV for Windows data set. It’s that easy!