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RockWare Software: AqQA

AqQA Data Interface

Water analysis data entry and editing

  • The AqQA data interface is a standard Excel-style spreadsheet.
  • Water analysis data can be listed in columns and analytes in rows, or vice-versa. Switch back and forth between the two formats through the View –> Transpose Data Sheet menu option.
RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA Datasheet
  • Add new samples and analytes at the touch of a button, or change their spreadsheet order.
  • Over 200 analytes are defined, under the broad categories: inorganic, organic, biological assay, radioactivity, isotopes and general. AqQA will also allow you to quickly define a new analyte.
RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA: Adding Analytes

AqQA understands 30 different analyte unit types. You can easily convert your water analysis data from one measuring unit to another.

RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA - Easy unit conversion

Mixing, standards, replicates and regulatory limits

  • Create new samples by mixing any combination and number of existing samples. Just select the samples to be mixed, and click the Mix Samples button!
RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA: A mix (right column) create from 3 highlighted samples
  • Quickly check replicates for measurement error, and compare samples to laboratory standards.
RockWare Software: AqQA
A sample (highlighted) is compared to a standard. Values outside acceptable tolerance limits are marked with a red "X".
  • Flag sample measurements in exceedance of regulatory limits using the Check Regulatory Limits button. AqQA gives you the ability to set the exceedance level for each analyte individually.
RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA "Check Regulatory Limits" results