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RockWare Software: AqQA

AqQA Data Analyses

Use the AqQA Data Analysis tab to perform water data quality analyses.

Internal consistency tests, fluid properties, carbonate equilibria and more!

  • Once your data has been entered in the Data Sheet tab, click on the Data Analysis tab for an instant detailed quality analysis of your water data. Arrow buttons allow you to quickly toggle from sample to sample.
  • Fluid properties reported by AqQA:
    1. Water type, according to predominant anion and cation
    2. Measured dissolved solids
    3. Density
    4. Conductivity
    5. Water hardness
RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA Data Analysis tab
  • AqQA conducts six tests for internal consistency according to the AWWA 1030-E Standard methods:
    1. Anion-Cation balance (electroneutrality)
    2. Measured Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) vs. dissolved TDS
    3. Measured Electrical Conductivity (EC) vs. calculated EC
    4. Measured EC and Ion Sums
    5. Calculated TDS to EC ratio
    6. Measured TDS to EC ratio
RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA: Six tests for internal consistency
  • AqQA calculates carbonate equilibria:
    1. Speciation of HCO3, CO3 and CO2 at measured pH
    2. Total Carbonate from Titration Alkalinity, and vice-versa
    3. Calcite and Aragonite Saturation
    4. CO2 partial pressure
RockWare Software: AqQA
AqQA calculates carbonate equilibria
  • Irrigation water data reported by AqQA:
    1. Salinity Hazard
    2. Sodium Adsorption Ratio
    3. Exchangeable Sodium Ratio
    4. Magnesium Hazard
    5. Residual Sodium Carbonate
  • Geothermometry data reported:
    1. Silica geothermometer for Quartz and polymorphs
    2. Na-K, Na-K-Ca and Na-K-Ca-Mg geothermometers
    3. Mg-Li and Na-Li geothermometers
  • AqQA also displays conversion tables for these unit types:
    1. Mass/Volume
    2. Equivalents/Volume
    3. Mass/Mass
    4. Equivalents/Mass
    5. Moles/Mass
    6. Moles/Mass of Solvent
    7. Moles/Volume