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RockWorks Technical Support

The following technical support options are available for the RockWorks program.  You can use the links below or the menu items to the left to access this information.

New: Check out the RockWorks Training Videos: 55+ short videos which parallel our 2-day training class.


RockWorks Downloads

The download area contains:

  • Product Updates: Latest version of RockWorks 17 and 16.
  • Archived Versions: Older versions of RockWorks 17 for users whose maintenance has expired.
  • Documentation: Download the RockWorks user manual, PowerPoint quick-tour, product brochure, quick-start instructions, license agreements, and more.
  • Data: Download sample data for use in RockWorks and Google Earth.

RockWorks Support Forum

The RockWorks Support Forum is an independent group of users who post questions, share comments, and answer questions that pertain to the use of the RockWorks program.  This is the best place to start for technical support.

The group also serves as a bulletin board for posting announcements, bug notices, update postings, and other current information about the RockWorks software.

Visit the RockWorks Support Forum!

RockWorks Case Studies

RockWorks Case Studies are available in PDF format, and are grouped into several categories, including stratigraphy, gridding, geophysics, mining, and more.

RockWorks FAQ

Read our list of frequently asked questions about the functionality and use of RockWorks.

RockWorks Support Policies

Learn about the Support Options for RockWorks: phone, email, and others.

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