QuickMag Pro

3D magnetic modeling and mapping


QuickMag Pro allows you to construct realistic geological models of magnetic anomalies in a fraction of the time of manual methods.

QuickMag Pro is available to customers in the USA only.

Product Description

3D Magnetic Interpretation in 3 Easy Steps

QuickMag Pro is the revolutionary new magnetic modeling package. Based on three years of expert systems research, QuickMag Pro creates realistic 3D magnetic models, in less time and with less effort than ever before.

Fast, realistic geological modeling

QuickMag Pro allows you to construct realistic geological models of magnetic anomalies in a fraction of the time of manual methods.

Just point at an anomaly, choose a geological style and in seconds QuickMag Pro will automatically construct a 3D model of the magnetic source.

On a standard desktop computer, QuickMag Pro will build a realistic 3D geological model in less than 5 seconds, and a full inversion in less than 60 seconds.

Because QuickMag Pro removes much of the laborious work required to manually build complex 3D models, you can tackle interpretations that you once regarded as impractical, in a systematic and time-effective manner.

Unique processing technology

QuickMag Pro is based on three years of government-backed research  into methods for automatically constructing realistic 3D geological models from magnetic surveys.

QuickMag Pro is the first commercial product to be developed from this research. At its core is the unique Quick Match process, which isolates an anomaly from its surroundings to instantly produce realistic starting models with quality depth estimates.

You can improve on the Quick Match results experimenting with different geological shapes to obtain the best match between magnetic data and the interpreted geological style. Because it is easy to change the geological style, you can test a wide range of models and develop a good understanding of the model uncertainties.

Control and compatibility

With QuickMag Pro, you can fully control the characteristics of your geological model. The style selector lets you control the mapped shape, depth profile, magnetic susceptibility, faulting and dip of your chosen geological style.

QuickMag Pro reports provide detailed cross-checks of the interpretation quality and the profile cross-sections let you evaluate any residual mismatch between the original data and computed model response.

You can select from a range of report template styles and customize them to suit your individual needs.

QuickMag Pro comes with plug-ins for Geosoft Oasis montaj™ and ModelVision. QuickMag Pro pages can also be copied into Microsoft Word and other Windows applications.

Modeled magnetic bodies in plan view with landsat imagery and contours. Click on image to enlarge

Fast, realistic geological modeling

How it works

QuickMag Pro is based on ground-breaking new research into automatic geological modeling techniques. QuickMag Pro is suitable for mapping of magnetic dykes, steeply dipping folded volcanics, intrusive pipes and intrusive plugs. It maps the distribution of magnetic material across an unconformity surface.

Dyke interpretation

This model style suits a wide range of geological mapping problems and the unconformity can be flat, dipping, undulating or faulted. The adoption of this geological model makes it possible to automate the 3D construction of the magnetic unit below the unconformity.

Intrusive plug

The magnetic unit is approximated by a series of linked blocks where the depth, width, dip and magnetic property can vary from one block to the next. The linked attributes must conform to the selected geological style and this allows QuickMag Pro to define a wide range of geological shapes.

Dipping unconformity

This process and the Quick Match technology provide faster and more precise results in a wide range of geological circumstances than other automated modeling systems.

Speed and control

QuickMag Pro optimizes your time because it allows you to perform the model interpretation directly from the image view of your data. This is the natural way to work with magnetic data.

First you select the geological style and then you select the anomaly by dragging the mouse along the approximate axis of the magnetic anomaly. QuickMag Pro does the rest in a few seconds by building a model that best matches your style selection and the magnetic data. If the match is poor, you can change the style to see if you can improve the result. Now you can build complex geological models without having to worry about the details of manual model construction.

Folded volcanics

QuickMag Pro makes reporting easy. Simply use the Edit menu to copy the report page to the clipboard and then paste it directly into your report.

This process and the Quick Match technology provide faster and more precise results in a wide range of geological circumstances than other automated modeling systems.

Intrusive plug


Each element of the QuickMag Pro report is an active object that delivers dynamic information on the results of your interpretation. With these advanced reporting features you can create high quality presentations from a selection of templates. The report templates can also be customized for individual needs.

Reports Click on image to enlarge

Image maps

The image map style, contours, illumination direction, model attributes, titles and anomaly selection are fully controlled from a pop-up menu. Pan and zoom to any part of the map using dynamic color sketching.

Block model spreadsheet

The primary attributes of each block in the model are summarized in the block model spreadsheet. Spreadsheet columns can include depth, width, dip, position and other attributes.

Pan and Zoom tools

QuickMag Pro uses data and page navigation tools. The data zoom and pan allows you to position your map view over a magnetic anomaly while the page zoom allows you to view your printed page at high resolution.

Template displaying 2D TMI grid map w/plan view - modeled body, Body property report & Inversion quality analysis, cross-section profiles of modeled body & other features. Click on image to enlarge

Quality report

The quality report provides quantitative estimates of the quality of factors that influence the geological model interpretation such as regional, shallow geological noise, anomaly overlap and inversion RMS match.

Control panel

QuickMag Pro provides a comprehensive control panel to define the geological style in terms of depth, susceptibility width, position and dip shapes. You can insert known values such as susceptibility and clamp parameters during inversion.

3D model display

Interactive 3D displays provide a useful presentation of complex models that may not be easily visualized in a map or limited number of cross-sections. Optional display of 3D axes and cross-section locations.

3D perspective view of modeled body Click on image to enlarge


Cross-sections help you to evaluate the results of the interpretation, by providing visual feedback on data mismatches. Turn on the first vertical derivative option to improve depth sensitivity. The regional is updated automatically.

3D perspective view of modeled body Click on image to enlarge

Title blocks

You can modify the standard templates to include your own details and logos and re-use the templates at a later time. Use the active scalebar object to enter a precise scale. You have full control over font selection and style.

Cross-sectional views of a modeled body along strike Click on image to enlarge

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