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PetroVisual is an analysis and visualization tool for oil and gas data. It connects to a cloud database that has current well header and production data from 14 states, allowing you to create queries and analyze results with a rich collection of maps, grids, charts, pivot tables, and drilldown trees. States currently supported: CA, CO, KS, LA, MT, NE, NM, ND, OK, PA, SD, TX, UT, and WY. PetroVisual licensing is payable each year (annual license).

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Connect – Query – Visualize

Who uses PetroVisual?

PetroVisual Is designed for petroleum engineers, project managers, business analysts, and geoscience technicians. Its flexible interface offers a unique balance of power and simplicity that works well for both technical and business users.

PetroVisual’s benefits are immediate and compelling:

Powerful. Ask questions about your data and receive quick answers. Use PetroVisual’s portfolio of maps, graphs, pivot tables, and reports to build valuable insights. Build multiple views of the same data to drilldown, compare, and understand.

Flexible. Query your data, whether it is stored on your personal computer or your network. Connect and analyze all of your databases from a single interface.

Easy-to-use. There are no complex menus or bewildering workflows to navigate. PetroVisual’s interface is a unique balance of power and simplicity.

Cost-effective. Stop spending money on custom software and reporting solutions. Use one application to connect and query all of your data and minimize training and support. PetroVisual’s powerful query and analysis tools will work with all of your oil and gas databases, right out of the box.

Visualizing Your Data

PetroVisual provides a wide range of tools to visualize and analyze oil and gas data. These visualization tools, called plugins, provide extensive capabilities for sorting, organizing, comparing, and understanding your data. For each query, you can add as many different plugins as you need. For example, if you are analyzing production data, you might want to see your production cumulatives on a bubble map, production grouped by operator on a bar chart, a pie chart that breaks down production by oil and gas, and a pivot table that subtotals production by field and county.

Add multiple plugins. Click the Add tab and choose from the menu of plugins. Plugins are organized in a tab across the top of the screen. Create as many different plugins as you need to analyze your data.

Configure plugin settings. Each plugin has numerous options for configuring data layouts, colors, titles, and other settings. Plugin settings are automatically saved with the query.

Synchronize plugins with query. Change the filters for your query and all associated plugins will automatically update. Your data plugins are always synchronized with your query.

Multiple monitor support. Tear plugin tabs loose to create floating windows. Drag plugin windows to different monitors for easy side-by-side comparison.

Available Oil and Gas data. Access to currently well headers and monthly historic production. This includes over 3.7 million wells and a million producing entities. You have access not only to the historic data but to current forecasts of every producing entity to an economic limit. All the calculated reserves are available to be displayed within every one of the PetroVisual visualizations.

PetroVisual Query Tools

With PetroVisual's powerful ad-hoc query tool, you can ask detailed questions about your data without the need for complicated query languages or arcane scripting tools. Set filters for each of your data fields using English commands.

Building PetroVisual Query Filters

Build query filters quickly and easily using intuitive drilldown windows and cascading filters which display only the data applicable to the current constraints of the query.

PetroVisual Grids

Grids are a fundamental tool for viewing and analyzing your data. Organize information in rows and columns, select which columns are visible and their order, sort and subtotal grid data, and move grid data into other applications like Microsoft Excel

PetroVisual Maps

The PetroVisual map presents your well locations on a spatially indexed, fully interactive GIS map with a variety of powerful ways to visualize the data.


PetroPlot combines flexible drilldown trees with graphs and grids to view your time-based data. Organize your wells with levels that you define. Click wells to view production data, tests, type curves, peak rate type curves, and other time data.

PetroVisual Probit Graphs

Probit Graphs represent the probabilistic distribution ("bell curve") of the selected data values. PetroVisual is then able to fit the data and calculate the P90, P50 and P10 values needed for analysis.

PetroVisual Pivot Tables

Pivot tables summarize data in a grid by automatically sorting, averaging, counting, and totaling. The PetroVisual pivot table offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to quickly and easily transform your data into meaningful summaries.

PetroVisual Bar Charts

Bar charts organize data into rectangular bars with lengths that illustrate proportion. Any number in your database can be visualized as a bar chart, and you can group these numbers using any date, text, or numeric database value.

PetroVisual Heat Maps

Heat maps represent your data using color intensities on a map. Group any numeric value in your database by country, state, or county and assign a color range that corresponds to low and high values in your data.

PetroVisual Scatter Plots

Scatter plots display data as a collection of XY points on a graph. Scatter plots excel at showing relationships between data variables, illustrating data outliers that fall outside the norm, and showing trends with curve fits through the data.


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