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Overview > Data Editor 

The Data Editor: data entry for boring logs

  • Tabbed spreadsheet windows make entering data from boring logs a snap
  • The Project Manager allows for easy access to LDAT8X files, and also directly opens data stored in a RockWorks database.
  • Point-and-click selection of rock or soil types. Use the built-in libraries of keywords and patterns, or create your own. You can maintain different libraries for different projects. Select both foreground and background colors, and line styles for patterns
  • Supports Unicode text for non-Latin alphabets
  • Apply formatting to text - bold, italics, colors, and more

  • Import data from other applications using the Windows clipboard, or directly from text files, XLS files, DBF database files or LAS files
  • Multiple column datasheets for Point and Interval-based data
Data from boring logs is input via the Data Editor interface  

  • Column math, sampling, and filtering tools assist quantitative data management
  • Automatic depth intervals, or type or paste your own
  • Create automatic data tabs for your log designs
  • Data and design cross-check tool for trouble-shooting

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