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Overview > Log Designer 

Design borehole logs with the Log Designer


  • The new and improved interface makes creating your design templates easier than ever before
  • Access the design screen from the main LogPlot 8 menu
Log Designer interface for designing borehole logs  

  • Pick from an existing library of designs, organized by industry, or create one of your own from scratch.
LogPlot8 Sample Folders  

  • Use point-click-drag, cut-copy-paste, and multiple-select capabilities for easy placement, movement, and editing of the design items
  • Snap-to-grid tools help with log design
  • Zoom into the design for precise placement of items
  • Lock design items in place
  • Separate log body, log header, and log footer design areas
  • 12 log header and footer tools
  • 20 log body tools

Log Headers and Footers
  • Log headers and footers can be just about any size you wish
  • Include changing and non-changing text, using any font and color
Borehole logs can be displayed with header and footer  

  • Text entities now have left, center, right, top, and bottom alignment, with transparent or opaque backgrounds
  • Text "notes" allow long, wrap-able text paragraphs
  • Include BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, EMF, PCX, TGA logos or pictures
  • Plot symbol and pattern samples
  • New symbol and pattern legends
  • Include lines and rectangles of varying thickness, styles, colors, and fills
  • Include automatic page numbers
  • Each template can store up to two headers and two footers, as well as a full sheet "title page" that can be printed at the beginning of the log
  • Include curve and bargraph column legends, linked to show names, data ranges and colors/linestyles, and which move automatically with repositioning of the columns

The log body
  • Display soil/rock type patterns and "keywords" plus any extended descriptions in any font, color, and style. Turn on/off automatic offset, divider lines, keywords, extended descriptions, and more
  • Display interbedded layers in the pattern column
Borehole logs can display lithology text with extended descriptions  

  • Show cuttings percentages of up to 20 components
  • Plot general comments and text entries as wrappable text with any font, style, and color, with alignment and margins
  • Plot vertical text intervals for age/formation names
  • Label depths or elevation with scale bars. Include either or both English and metric units. Display true elevation for deviated boreholes.
Metric and English depth bar are options for borehole logs, as is vertical text  

  • Include vector and raster symbols for representation of water level, drill stem tests, sample intervals, etc.

  • Illustrate quantitative data as curves, with variable line styles, fills, symbols, wrapping, reference grid, automatic legends, and cross-plot fills, linear or logarithmic scaling. Scale curves automatically to data, and change scaling for any user-specified depth range(s).
Various curve styles for borehole logs  

  • Display quantitative data as bar graphs with variable colors, fills, and automatic value labels, with linear or logarithmic scaling. Scale bar graphs automatically to data
  • Show sampling intervals filled with vertical bars
Bar histograms are useful for some borehole logs  

  • Detailed well construction diagrams for single or multiple borings, now with linked keyword and caption display
boring log well construction diagram  

  • Insert bitmaps to illustrate core samples, fossils, etc.
Certain borehole logs contain bitmaps displayed in the log body  

  • Display dipmeter readings with Tadpole symbols indicating direction and dip angle.
  • Or, project fracture data onto a plane and display using custom colors and line thicknesses.
Tadpole and fracture plots  

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