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Overview > Mining 

RockWorks in the mining industry

RockWorks is well suited for use with coal, industrial mineral (aggregates, limestone), and other stratabound economic deposits, in both the exploration and production phases.


RockWorks features applicable to the mining industry
Prior to drilling, use RockWorks for creating surface geochem contour maps, 2D elevation contour maps and 3D terrain models.

Contour map assay values  

3D DEM topography surface  

The surveying and land grid utilities in RockWorks can help with planning drilling and lease boundary issues.

Lease map superimposed on Jeffersonian land grid map  

After drilling, process and visualize your drillhole stratigraphy or lithology data by creating:

  • drillhole logs
Deviated drillholes and overlying surface open pit workings  

  • stratigraphic profiles
Stratigraphic profile with superimposed logs showing geophysical exploration gamma/resistivity data  

  • correlated cross-sections
Hole to hole cross section  

  • fence diagrams
  • stratigraphic block models
Stratigraphic logs, fence diagram, and solid model  

Finally, there are many options for your assay data:

  • create 3D solid geochem models with numerous viewing options (isosurfaces, profiles, fences)
Geochemistry model shown as  

Voxel model depicting BTU values within a coal seam  

  • a feature-rich reserve estimation menu, which includes grade range, overburden, stripping ratio, interbed and thickness filters
A wireframe model of Pb reserves in a Mississippi type Pb-Zn deposit- the reserve model was constrained by lease boundaries (polygon clipping feature) and overburden filters.  

Clipping sand and gravel ore models based on a benched pit design  

Extracting a solid model of sand ore reserves from host rock for the purpose of quarry design  

  • You can even create simple mine working and pit models!
Kimberlite composite- draped airphoto, mine workings, and isosurface depicting ore zone  


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Quick Video: RockWorks Intro - Uranium (00:23)


Video: How to Convert Gamma to Uranium Grade (09:13)


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