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RockWorks in the environmental industry

RockWorks contains numerous tools that will help the environmental professional along the path from site characterization to remediation planning and execution. Whether you're in the beginning, middle or ending phase of a project, you'll find that RockWorks will save you and your clients both time and money.


RockWorks features applicable to the environmental industry
The Borehole Manager allows you to bring soil boring, sampling, well screening and other information into the program via a simple Excel or ASCII file import.


View your downhole sampling information in 2D and 3D using a variety of methods and color schemes.



Create 2D and 3D contour maps of Stratigraphy and groundwater surfaces and isopachs. A variety of gridding methods are available.



Create sections showing modeled Lithology, Stratigraphy and concentration contours.




Generate solid models and volumetric estimations of Stratigraphy, lithology, and other downhole parameters.



View these solid models along with your original raw data.


Estimate extraction volumetrics based on your solid models.


Easily import LogPlot data.

Create time-based animation, showing the transport, remediation and attenuation of contaminants.


Use RockPlot3D to create stunning composite images




Quick Video: RockWorks Intro - Contaminant Plume Modeling (00:44)


Quick Video: RockWorks Intro - Groundwater (00:39)


Quick Video: RockWorks Intro - Hydrochemistry (00:29)


Quick Video: RockWorks Intro - Landfills (00:21)


Quick Video: RockWorks Intro - Groundwater Contaminant Plume Migration Simulation (04:36)


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