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Vertical Mapper - geospatial data analysis

Vertical Mapper - The ultimate tool for geospatial data analysis

Working seamlessly within a MapInfo Professional®, Vertical Mapper™ helps you display, manage, and interpret grid-based continuous geospatial data. If you want answers from location-based data, Vertical Mapper will find them, creating grids, or continuous surfaces of information, from point data by estimating values between known points. Vertical Mapper helps turn your data investment into compelling, meaningful information to give your business the upper hand.

  • Features a wide range of geospatial analysis tools to reveal trends in data
  • Unique prediction capabilities identify areas with similar attributes
  • Modeling tools build grids from existing point files or unmapped tables
  • Now includes six gridding algorithms
  • Bring data to life with color settings and dynamic 3D rendering
  • Available in English and Japanese languages
MapInfo Vertical Mapper offers an easy to use interface that is tightly integrated with MapInfo Professional.
RockWare Software: MapInfo Vertical Mapper  

MapInfo Vertical Mapper supports use of both numeric and classified (type) grids. The grid cells in this map represent different land classifications.
RockWare Software: MapInfo Vertical Mapper classification grids  

In this map MapInfo Vertical Mapper was used to take a large data set of individual policy information and use a grid to create an easy to understandable aggregation of this data.
RockWare Software: MapInfo Vertical Mapper grid-based map  

Different grid layers can be visualized together as a set of distinct layers.
RockWare Software: MapInfo Vertical Mapper 3D View of Multiple Grids  

In this screenshot, wireless signal strengths and communications towers have been overlaid on a terrain map. MapInfo Vertical Mapper supports a variety of wireless network engineering related tasks.
RockWare Software: MapInfo Vertical Mapper Wireless Signal Strength Map  

MapInfo Vertical Mapper includes the ability to convert a standard aerial photo into data that can be analysed. In this example rooftop information is being extracted from an aerial photo to be further used. Some different steps and result possibilities are shown. This capability can be used for aerial photos of many different types.
RockWare Software: MapInfo Vertical Mapper Raster Image to Grid  

MapInfo Vertical Mapper can calculate whether or not one point on a terrain map is visible to another. This can take into account the height of an antennae, building or tower of some type.
RockWare Software: MapInfo Vertical Mapper Visibility Graph  

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