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WhiteStar - sold by RockWare

WhiteStar - high quality cartographic data: PLSS, DED, DOQQ, well headers, culture data and more

RockWare, Inc sells the following WhiteStar data products
(call 800 775 6745 for pricing and information):
Public Land Survey (PLSS)
Nationwide coverage. An accurate Public Land Survey base layer is the cornerstone for any GIS or mapping project. We offer Public Land Survey (also Known as PLSS, Digital Land Grid or Digitized Section, Township, and Range Information) at both the 1:100,000 scale and the 1:24,000 (USGS 7.5' map) resolution.

Texas Land Survey

Complete State of Texas Coverage. Digital land survey files are based on Texas Railroad Commission data. We offer two versions of the data: graphic - original data in useable format and intelligent - includes polygon attribute information. The following data products are offered:

  • Texas Land Survey showing original blocks, surveys, abstracts, lots, tracts, subdivisions.
  • Location and Statuses of Oil Wells (Well Location File).
  • Basic Well Header Information.

National Well File (well headers)
The CartoBase National Well File consists of millions of well spots nationwide. The data works seamlessly with WhiteStar CartoBase Public Land Survey, Texas Land Survey, Enhanced Culture Databases, and Digital Elevation Models. Data attributes vary by state.

Enhanced County Cultures
Adds numerous map features to your products, including roads and water features. Each county file is a compilation of multiple data sources including the 1996 Census Bureau TIGER files. Each file contains hydrology, airports, city boundaries, above ground power lines, geographic names, geodetic survey benchmarks, highway symbols, "double lines + centerlines" for roads and highways, and much more.

Digital Elevation Data

Contours are available throughout the United States and around the world at various scales. Product includes elimination of systematic errors and available small scale Digital Elevation data. Please call us to verify your coverage area. The following data types are available:

  • Digitized Contours - digitized from stable base (mylar) hard copy USGS base maps.
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM) - USGS DEMs created from photogrammetric data (1:24,000, 1:100,000, & 1:250,000 scale).

A digital Orthophoto is a photograph that has been processed to have the same properties as map. In the image to the right, you can see how the image attaches seamlessly to the scanned topographic map. Additional data layers, such as the Texas Public Land Survey, can be overlain on top of a DOQQ to aid in interpretation of the imagery.

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