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SiteMaster Office - Floor plan editing back in the office

SiteMaster Office

Floor plan editing back in the office
When doing your survey out in the field you should concentrate on the basic measurements regarding the survey to create the digital floor plan. With SiteMaster Office you can complete the drawings back in the office with extra details using SiteMaster Office. SiteMaster Office has the same user interface allowing you a smooth connection between out in the field operations and the office environment. Make use of bigger screens back in the office.

In the office you can dimension your drawings, determine room areas, create part lists or start planning ahead how to integrate i.e. kitchen equipment, installations, furniture, or changes in the structure.

With SiteMaster you can communicate back with the office during your surveying operation out in the field by sending out emails with attached drawings. This allows you to control and monitor drawings more efficiently. You can send drawings to an employee out in the field with SiteMaster office optimising your work flow. SiteMaster Office offers the same functionality that the mobile solution is offering except for the integrated Bluetooth connection that is needed to transfer measurements from the laser devices.

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