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SiteMaster TopoSurvey - Land Survey with Totalstation

SiteMaster TopoSurvey

Land Survey with Totalstation

SiteMaster TopoSurvey connects the data collection in the field through a Totalstation with the direct display of the measuring results in a CAD drawing.

TopoSurvey has tools for topographical collection of streets, buildings, lands as well as land city planning details that are connected to symbols. Comfortable feature for generating new stations/points or for the connection of existing stations/points the program supports Excel coordination tables with alphanumerical data for the collection of points, lines and symbols. Measuring points that are hard to access can be measured through the offset method.

SiteMaster TopoSurvey supports the attributes of blocks i.e. trees that can be marked with extensive information such as the crown and its diameter. The interface for the ASCII-Import and Export enable the exchange of station coordinates, measured point coordinates, the collected data information as well as the raw data of the measurements.

The application allows you to stake-out chosen points of a CAD drawing out in the field through the graphical and numerical display of Stake-out direction.

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