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RockWare GIS Link

The RockWare GIS Link allows you to generate RockWorks cross-sections, profiles and fence diagrams using ArcMap and RockWorks. In addition, create striplogs, contour maps (ground surface and structural elevations), and isopach maps.

Requires RockWorks17 and ArcGIS 10+


  • Import your RockWorks borehole locations as a layer in an ArcMap geodatabase.
RockWare GIS Link toolbar in ArcMap  

  • The RockWare GIS Link toolbar installs into ArcMap.
RockWare GIS Link toolbar detail  

  • Create Profiles and Sections using the RockWorks engine and any of the following data types: Logs only, Lithology, Stratigraphy, Interval(I)-Data, Point(P)-Data, Time(T)-Data, Aquifer Data, and Fracture Data.
RockWorks GIS Link section and profile lines  

RockWorks stratigraphy cross section  

  • Point Snapping Tool allows you to snap to the closest borehole or well location when choosing your Section Lines

  • Create 3D Fence Diagrams using the RockWorks engine and any of the following datasets: Lithology, Stratigraphy, I-Data, P-Data, T-Data, Aquifer Data, and Fracture Data.
RockWorks GIS Link fence diagram panel locations  

RockWorks fence diagram illustrating interpolated I-Data and 3D logs  

  • Create line- or color-filled contour maps of ground surface elevations or formation tops.  The resulting map is displayed as a DXF layer in ArcMap
RockWorks structural elevation map displayed in ArcGIS  

  • Create isopach maps of individual formations or adjacent stratigraphic layers.
RockWorks Isopach Map displayed in ArcGIS  

  • Create 2D striplogs for individual borehole locations, with all available data options.

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