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Encom PA - integrate, analyze and visualize geophysics, geochemistry and geology data from various sources

Encom Discover PA - Turn Exploration into Reality

Encom Discover PA 2015 is now available!

The Encom Discover PA family of interpretation products will change the way you work by making it easy to explore, interpret and realize data and models of the earth. Take a closer look at Encom Discover PA Professional, Encom Discover PA Explorer and the free Encom Discover PA Viewer.

  • Communicate your interpretations
  • Influence exploration decisions
  • Explore the limits of your data
  • Prepare the ultimate presentation
  • Fly live through a 3D project
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Link to your other software
  • Enhance your primary data
  • Ensure effective decision making

Encom Discover PA fills a significant gap in your software range by providing a tool that is suited to interactive interpretation and consistent presentation of the outputs from all your software applications. The dynamics, interaction and ease of use make this an essential tool for ensuring that you deliver the best outcomes and enjoy the experience at the same time.

The Encom Discover PA Family

Step outside the box of conventional processing and mapping systems and discover a whole new world through Encom PA (Profile Analyst). Extend the power of existing software investments and collaborate into a single, multi-dimensional, decision making environment.

With Encom Discover PA, you can see and compare all your line data, profiles, grids, modelling, images, drilllholes, maps and 3D visualisations in a single interactive interpretation environment. A full range of analytical functions, effective presentation tools and powerful template capabilities help you to complete your expert analysis more quickly, comprehensively and effectively. Work in one environment, not four. Build sophisticated applications without programming. Access original profile data dynamically. With Encom PA you have the controls to turn your exploration into reality.

  • connect geophysical data, modelling, satellite imagery, geochemistry and geological mapping in a single interactive interpretation environment
  • coordinate and streamline repetitive tasks and procedures
  • configure powerful templates for greater control
  • combine sophisticated line analysis techniques with map and image analysis
  • create maps, or cut and paste results into other applications

Encom Discover PA Professional - The Power to Create, Interpret and Edit in 1D, 2D and 3D

Encom Discover PA Professional is for serious interpreters wanting to integrate, create and interpret diverse geophysical data and models with geological, geochemical, geotechnical, mining and GIS data. Use the complete family of features available to create the ultimate interpretations that drive compelling exploration decisions.

You can access the flexible Feature Manager for creating, visualizing and editing an interpretation in sections, maps and 3D volumes. Also use the Feature Manager for logging anomalies or targets into a database or drawing complex interpretations in maps, sections and 3D volumes.



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Encom Discover PA Explorer - Your Complete Visualization Toolkit for 1D, 2D and 3D

Encom Discover PA Explorer connects, visualizes and processes geophysical, geological, geochemical, geotechnical, mining and GIS data in ways that will enhance your exploration outcomes through improved collaboration and decision making. Connect to Oasis montaj® and Intrepid geophysical databases or AcQuire, Encom Discover and Geosoft drillhole databases.


With Encom Discover PA Explorer you can visualize and process your point, line, grid, image, section, drillhole, mine models, voxels, GIS, seismic and radar data in 1D, 2D, 3D and cross-section styles. PA Explorer can explore the depths of your data and compare and contrast different processing methods with all available geological information.

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Encom Discover PA Viewer - Freely distribute your presentations and interpretations

Session files created in Encom Discover PA Professional and Encom Discover PA Explorer can be viewed by your colleagues without the need for commercial licenses. You can package all your data files with your session and your colleagues will be able to open, zoom, pan, navigate, turn layers on or off and print any view present in the session. The end user will not be able to modify layer properties or add new layers.


See the comparison chart for a summary of the primary features present in each Encom PA product. Also note that PA Explorer can open PA Professional session files.


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