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AquiferWin 32 - aquifer test results dispaly and analysis
New Features 

What's New in Versions 4 and 5



The main new feature in AquiferWin32 version 5 is a 64-bit versions of the software.

New analyses
  • WinFlow/Tran is now automatically included in all licenses of AquiferWin32
  • Split Version 2.3 – Analytic element flow model developed by Igor Jankovic supporting single layer groundwater flow in heterogeneous aquifers


New functionality
  • A new layout view capability has been added in which headers and footers can be viewed and manipulated on screen.
  • Multiple map overlays are now supported including the ability to generate one on screen using available annotations.
  • Analytic elements are checked at calculation time to identify those that are not supported by the selected model.
  • Additional annotations are added including polylines, polygons and a north arrow.
  • Better control over the color flooding including specifying specific colors for specific value transitions.
  • Ponds and flux linesinks are now supported in the Theis, Hantush, Hantush and Jacob, and Neuman solutions.

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