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New Features 

PowerCAD SiteMaster version 4.1 New Features

With version 4.1 Gräbert released in May 2008 update versions for all products of the SiteMaster surveying solutions.

This update contains a variety of new and improved features in response to customer requests which enhance the functionality of version 4.0.

For all customers who contracted a SiteMaster support plan the update to version 4.1 is free of charge and is ready for download.


The functionality and options when creating wall openings have been extended: the door types have been supplemented with be-folded doors, revolving doors, door with panels. Doors with retainers can now be created in door openings.

In the latest release of SiteMaster a new command for measuring and drawing stairs has been integrated. Line of travel and railing can be created optional.

Many new features have been integrated through the input of our SiteMaster users: i.e. an offset command that works with laser measurements. A feature useful for the insertion of measured distances as plain text. (helpful when sketches are created just through measurements). Another feature added by our users is a "layer set tool" to fulfill the requirements of architect and engineers or any other contractor.

Among the improvements in SiteMaster Building, BuildingTS und BuildingLT you will find a drawing function based on laser measurements which provides free layer selection. Thus you can detail your floor plans by recording landings, podiums, sockets, ceiling joists, shafts, pipes, etc. To the function to close room contours an option to intersect the first and the most recently measured wall automatically. Distances measured with the laser device can now also be inserted to the drawing as text.

The update to version 4.1 contains improvements not only for the building surveying solutions with laser distancemeters, but also for surveying with the aid of Total Stations using SiteMaster BuildingTS and SiteMaster TopoSurvey. When measuring walls you can optionally create - in addition to the two-dimensional wall lines projected to the ground floor - the three-dimensional lines which represent the vector that has been measured in reality. Also the corners can be calculated automatically based on the vectors of two walls so that you do not need to aim directly into or onto corners when drawing walls. In SiteMaster BuildingTS you can now select a layer in advance when you use the Total Station specific functions to measure walls and other objects.

The new releases of SiteMaster version 4.1 are available both for Windows XP or Vista and Windows Mobile. Since version 4.0, you can read and write the DWG 2008 file format in all variants of SiteMaster.

Version 4.0 of SiteMaster products came out with a further professionalized user interface with new symbols used in icon menus and dialogs. Inserting blocks into the drawing has been made much easier by a preview dialog box displaying the entire section you have chosen. Enhancing the symbol libraries can be done via dialog boxes and does no more require knowledge about parameter files.

Version 4.0 of SiteMaster Building introduced measuring and drawing of staircases. They can be generated with or without line of travel and railing. The functionality for creating openings has been enhanced: the type of doors has been supplemented by bi-folded doors and revolving doors. Likewise windows doors can now be created with retainer.

Many new features have been integrated through the input of our SiteMaster users: i.e. an offset command that works with laser measurements. Another feature added is a "layer set tool" to fulfill the requirements of architect and engineers or any other contractor.


New Feature Highlights: Verison 4.1
  • Keep the most recently used station points determined when   triangulating walls and columns
  • Distances measured with the laser device can placed as text entity in the drawing
  • Detail Draw: New surveying command for line drafting with previous layer selection from pre-defined layer list
  • Optional automatic intersection of the first and the last measured wall line to create a closed contour at the end of a Wall command sequence
  • 3D Line drafting mode: Measured lines are additionally created at the measured 3D positions, not only the 2D projected lines
  • The Totalstation Draw command allows corner intersections created automatically when measuring wall segments
  • Optional layer selection for measured objects added to the Totalstation Draw dialog box
  • Setup option to switch between a horizontal and vertical icon menu orientation
  • Traceability for area calculation. All areas are split into triangles or arc segments and these sub-areas are written to an export file

Version 4.0
  • Windows Vista Support
  • DWG 2007/2008 Support (Commands OPEN, SAVE and SAVEAS) DWG/DXF Recover of damaged drawings
  • Reworked icons menus with new images
  • General units setup to choose between Metric (Meter),
  • Metric (Millimeter) or Imperial (Inch) as current unit of measurements
  • Layer configuration tool to create and manage different standards
  • Simplified selection of symbols to insert from a dialog box with preview thumbnails
  • Staircase with or without railing and additional Line of Travel command
  • Revolving door, bi-folded, and double bi-folded door in all door opening commands
  • Door with retainer for outer doors
  • Improvements of the column command
  • Keep stations point of triangular measuring for walls and columns
  • Offset with layer pre-selection; Multiple Offset, based on laser measurements
  • Text Correct utility
  • Copy Properties tool
  • Presetting whether info-blocks are created with or without attributes
  • Automatic zooming to the graphics area of the recent measurement can be disabled optionally
  • The room command creates additional polylines for the room contour on a separate layer
  • Optional deactivation the management of multiple floors in the drawing

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