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New Features 

New features in LogPlot2001


Window / file modifications
  • LogDesign is now built into LogPlot, as one of the 3 main program windows (Data Editor, Log Designer, Log View). System tools are now contained in a main, upper program toolbar.
  • The LogDesign file format (LDF) has changed.  LogPlot 2001 will prompt you to convert files to the older format. Older Versions of Logplot will not be able to read the converted files.
  • The format of the LogPlot graphical files (LPT) has changed.  LogPlot and LogView will not read or display logs compiled with previous versions of LogPlot.

New Log Designer tools
  • Log designs can now contain a footer which shares all of the header tools.  If you opt for headers and footers on each page, the footer will be placed at the bottom of the pages (regardless of how far down the log extends on that page). If you opt for only one header and footer, the footer will be placed directly at the end of the data.
  • New Cross-Plot Curve columns.
  • New Vertical Text columns

Other Log Designer changes
  • Multiple selection of entities, so you can move or delete items in groups.
  • Select colors for fonts and symbols.
  • More curve symbols.
  • New automatic curve legends.
  • Text columns can honor text indents or free-form spacing.
  • New Scale Bar conversion tools: from feet-to-meters and meters-to-feet (and customized conversions, too) to enable both metric and English depth labels.
  • Bitmap columns now accept JPEG images.
  • Vertical body lines can now ignore header and footer margin settings, thus enabling continuous borders around logs.
  • Proportional re-sizing of header/footer pictures.  Header/footer pictures now also accepts JPEG images (in addition to BMP and WMF).
  • The Log Designer program now stores text locations slightly differently. This means that if you open an existing log design in the new verison, the text may need some adjusting.
  • Well construction with offset, allowing display of multiple borings in a single construction diagram.
  • New Lithology Description column features: you can disable plotting of the keyword and/or the extended description and/or the colon (":") that separates them.

Keyword and Pattern Tools
  • Keyword file now supports foreground and background colors for patterns.
  • You can also specify varying line and dot widths for patterns.
  • You must IMPORT your LP98 (or 97 or v.1) keyword files into LP2001.

Data changes
  • When you create new data tabs, you can select Names from a drop-down list which shows those entity names in the current log design.
  •  New Vertical Text and Cross-Plot Curve tabs to correspond to the new design tools (above).
  • Cross-check data and design tool gives you a report of the discrepencies between your data and design.
  • Data tabs now show the tab-type icon and the entity name.
  • New tab tools (column math, etc.)
  • DBF data import into the data tabs.
  • ASCII text import into the data tabs.
  • LAS import into the data tabs.
  • Text format: All columns must be separated by Tab characters to ensure future expansion of program tools and backwards compatibility.

Compiling and Plot changes
  • Added Settings information on the Compile window, for easier viewing/update of scale, LDF file name, etc.
  • Log Plot files (LPT) now store vertical scale, and page size and orientation, thus simplifying future display.
  • LogPlot2001 cannot open LPT files created in earlier versions of the program.
  • Multiple log "View" windows can be displayed at the same time.
  • View depths or elevation for any location on the log plot.
  • Free Log View program available for distribution to co-workers for viewing/printing logs.

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