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New Features 

New features in LogPlot2003


Window / menu modifications
  • The Data Editor and the Log Designer share the same window space, and are accessed with their stick-up tabs.
  • You can have multiple data (DAT) files open at any one time.
  • Button toolbars are draggable.
  • All Log Designer dialog boxes use an Apply button to apply changes while leaving the dialog box open for further modification.

New entities
  • Interbed data tab links with a Lithology Pattern Column for plotting of interbedded patterns.
  • Lithology descriptions and patterns can show distinct contact line styles.
  • New Edit Notes and Static Notes in headers and footers for multi-line text with WYSIWIG wrapping, carriage returns, margins, border, fill, and alignment.
  • Text Columns now use WYSIWYG wrapping, carriage returns, alignment and margins.
  • Scalebar can now calculate the labels and tick marks for deviated wells.  Downhole survey data is read from a new Orientation tab.  Scalebar survey data can be entered as dip from horizontal or from vertical.
  • Scalebar labels can have their vertical position automatically adjusted at the top and bottom of the page to avoid overplots.
  • Grid On Top option and filled curve + symbol added to Curve Columns.
  • Grid On Top option added to CrossPlots.

New Tools
  • Update data file from log design will add new tabs (and update existing tabs) in an existing data file, for changes in the log design.
  • New Fit To Page tool at compile time will automatically set the vertical scale to fill a single log page with all of your data.
  • Offset lithology descriptions can now be placed upward or downward, saving log space.
  • New option for display of patterns with no background fills, for draft logs (saves ink!).
  • LAS Import now seamlessly reads UNIX files, and files with TABS.  The LAS min/max’s display can ignore or display null values, or replace null values with text.  The LAS Importer can also create a text report with Field Name, Units, Min and Max values – helpful for creating a log design.
  • Paste from a single cell to many.
  • Statistics can be computed for any column of data values.
  • Change <Tab> order in the Data Editor.
  • Cut and paste within cells.
  • Store the column width in the data file.
  • Added mouse wheel and arrow key support for scrolling log in the LogView window.
  • BMP and JPG export from LogView offers resolution options for high-quality exports.
  • Improved snap when moving entities.
  • A selection rectangle can be used to select multiple entities in the same panel.

Other changes
  • Data files must contain <Tab> characters between all fields.  Spaces are no longer permitted.
  • View Data as Text option has been removed.  (The DAT files are still ASCII text, if you absolutely have to edit them outside the LogPlot Data Editor, just use a text editing program.)

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