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New Features 

New features in LogPlot2005


New Tools
  • Import and export RockWorks borehole files (.BH).
  • Import and export Excel (.XLS) files.
  • Expanded LAS 2.0 export - includes single and multi-curves, interval data (histogram and multi-), orientation, pattern percent, and tadpoles.
  • Automatic backup of .DAT files.
  • Organize your Edit Text entries over several tabs - you can group well information, driller information, in any fashion.
  • Startup datasheet will contain a complete set of tabs for the current log design.
  • Handy alignment tools in Log Designer:  align left/right/top/bottom, and space items evenly vertically and horizontally.
  • Improved Entity List allows you to sort entries on any field, and export the listing.  It can stay open while you access an item's settings.
  • At compile time, you can specify exactly which header and footer Iif any) goes on the first page, the middle pages, and the last page.
  • Specify the starting page number for the log being compiled - handy for subsets being inserted into an existing log or report.
  • New "Compile All" command will compile all open data files into the current design.
  • Export logs to more raster formats (TIFF, PNG)
  • LogPlot ships with our page layout tool - ReportWorks. Layout multiple logs (cross sections) and annotate with titles, RockWorks images, raster images, and more.  LogPlot exports your logs directly to ReportWorks or you can route them there via EMF/WMF export files.
  • Imbed raster images, pattern libraries, and symbol libraries in your LPT files, eliminating the need to ship accessory, linked files to your clients using the free LogViewer.

Window / menu modifications
  • The Log Designer units and rulers are in inches or centimeters instead of pixels.  (Your designs will be converted to the new format when opened.)
  • You can open your data files from within the Log Designer window - just use File / Open and specify DAT as the file type, and a new Editor window will open for your data file.
  • Use the File / Reopen command to open recent files.

New & modified entities
  • Full page "report" header precedes the first page of the log, and can be a whole page in length.
  • A second footer has been added. 
  • Additional macros for automatic insertion of well location, elevation, and date in header/footer.
  • Raster symbols (bitmaps) can be used in the header/footer and log body.  Scan/design your own and add them to the library.
  • Fillbars can link to keywords ("good show" or "no sample").
  • Log body images support additional raster formats, including TIFF (LZW) and PNG.  Images can be imbedded in or linked to the compiled log (LPT).
  • Interval Text column allows you to specify and top and base depth for a text block, with top/center/base and left/center/right placement options.  These can link to both numeric and alphanumeric values.
  • Curve and Histogram column legends automatically represent name, color/linestyle, and data range for the column.
  • True Depth Curve links to downhole survey data.
  • Tadpole columns display downhole structural information.

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