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New Features 

New Features in LogPlot 7


Window/menu modifications
  • New File Manager pane along the left edge of the program window. Quickly open data, design, and plot files by double-clicking, or open several data / plot files at once using check-boxes.
LogPlot File Manager pane  

  • The File Manager will also provides direct access to RockWorks MDB data - display, open, and compile any RockWorks MDB borehole data - no "import" necessary.
  • The Log Design file format has changed to XML-style, with a new extension: .LDFX. LogPlot will still read older-format .LDF files, and you can re-save in the new format.

New and modified entities
  • Well Construction columns now have automatic caption labels with lines or arrows.
LogPlot 7 well construction diagram with automatic labels and arrows  

  • Automatic scaling of curve and bar graph columns, based on data range
  • Adjust curve min-max scaling for specific depth intervals
Scale change in a LogPlot well log  

  • Add depth-specific comments within lithology descriptions
  • TVD Scalebars in depth or elevation
  • Include background fill in bar graphs
Depth-specific comments in lithology description column in LogPlot well log  

  • Horizontal & vertical alignment, transparent & opaque options for static and linked header/footer text

New Tools
  • Undo added to the Log Design window.
  • The LAS import tool offers resampling of the curve data. Handy if the LAS file resolution is 0.02 feet and you only need downhole measurements every foot.
  • The Excel import tool can import data for more than one borehole from a single XLS file.
  • Import RockWorks lithology and stratigraphy types directly from the MDB database.
  • Raster exports (TIFF, PNG, etc.) of the entire log as a single page. Very handy if you need to import a raster image into another software program or print to a long PDF.
  • Compile multiple data files at once, using the File Manager check-boxes and the right-click Compile Selected Files option.
  • Define the number of units to be displayed on each log page
  • Keyword editor accepts mixed-case entries (previously stored all-caps only).

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