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New Features 

New Features in LogPlot 8


Quick Video: What's New in LogPlot8 (06:43)

New Patterns
  • The LogPlot Pattern Editor now supports the new pattern library with filled shapes. These are compatible with RockWorks17.

New Streamlined Data Interface
  • Vertically stacked data tabs for easier scrolling and tab display.
  • Click and drag data tabs to easily change tab order.

  • Easily organize Edit Text Groups and Order using a new click and drag interface.

  • Dock/undock data windows for use on additional monitors.

New Data Tools
  • Apply text formatting - bold, italic, underline, color, superscript, subscript, or symbols - to selected words in your description text.
  • New Wavy contact and thick contact lines can be stored in the Lithology tab and displayed in logs.

  • LogPlot now supports Unicode for non-Latin characters.

  • Read data from and save direction to RockWorks17 SQLite databases.
  • New data types compatible with RockWorks17 include:
    • Time-based Interval Data (T-data)
    • Fractures
    • Symbols
    • Water Levels
    • I-Text
    • P-Text

  • Define Collar Elevation in the Borehole Information tab.
  • Import AGS files using a new import wizard.
  • New Data Templates allow the user to easily recreate data tabs customized for streamlined data entry.
  • LogPlot now saves backup files when changes to a file are saved.
  • There is now more flexibility between the design and data windows. For example plot numerical curve and bar graph data within text columns.

New Log Designer Interface
  • Items list now visible in an expandable/collapsible pane at the bottom of the design window.
  • New layout for design panes – use checkboxes to display / hide design panes.
  • Click in a design pane and the applicable tools are displayed in the tool bar.
  • Lock position of all design items

  • Dock/undock log designer from main program window.
  • Zoom into design display.

New Log Items and Functionality
  • Header/footer symbol/pattern legends

  • Log body Fracture columns (project fractures onto a plane).
  • Log body Water Level columns.

  • Interval text with borders can automatically offset to avoid overplotting.

  • Color gradient fills in Curves and Bargraphs can now be vertical or horizontal.

  • Curve/bargraph legends in the header can move with the column.
  • Include thicknesses in Lithologic Descriptions.
  • New macros for Static Text: Start Depth, End Depth, Data source.
  • Rotate Edit Notes and Edit Text in 90 degree increments.
  • Hide scalebar text (if only ticks are needed).

New LogView Features
  • Plot files now embed the original data, so they can be opened and viewed using a different scale, margin, or pagination settings without access to the Data and Design files. 
  • New View Options for adjusting depth range, scale, continuous or page-break, header/footer selection, margin, and refreshing the display.

  • The user can now see depth and elevation for any point on the log display based on the mouse location.
  • New PDF Export option included with the program.

Update Batch and Command Line Compiling
  • LogPlot now includes and updated batch compiler that allows you to export PDF files, as well as send the files to print.
  • LogPlot also includes updated commands for batch and single log compilation from a command line.

  • LogPlot now includes a new and more modern licensing scheme, with permanent, time-limited, and network license types.
  • The new network license manager runs as a service and allows for licenses to be checked out to be used away from the office.

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