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New Features 

New Features in RockWorks15


New Data Tools

  • Support of MS SQL Server and other databases.  
  • Lithology Picker: Pick your lithology intervals from raster or geophysical logs in an interactive window.
RockWorks Lithology Picker  

  • Lookup Tables: Project-specific tables, such as color-fill, polygon, point scaling, etc. are now stored in the database.
  • Reorganized Project Manager: Even easier to access your data, models, and graphics.
RockWorks Project Manager  

  • Multiple Aquifers: RockWorks now supports multiple aquifers.  Define your Aquifer Names, then enter water levels by date for your different aquifers.
RockWorks Aquifer Types  

  • I-Text and P-Text: Enter non-numeric data - sample numbers, comments, etc. - and display on your logs.
  • Shapefile Import: Import Shapefiles and attributes into the Utilities datasheet.
RockWorks striplogs  

  • Shapefile export:  Export log data (lithology, stratigraphy, I-Data, T-Data, P-Data, fractures, water levels, well construction) to 3D Shapefiles, with attributes.  Display and analyze in ArcScene.
RockWorks 3D Shapefile Export  

New Mapping and Gridding Options

  • Transparency: Adjust the transparency of color contour and raster layers in your RockPlot2D images.
  • Kriging Tools: New variogram models, an interactive variogram editor, and a variogram matrix plot.
Transparent color contours in RockWorks  

  • Google Earth: Display your borehole locations in Google Earth.
RockWorks Google Earth maps  

  • Drainage Nets / Flow Maps: New tools in 2D and 3D, with exports of line segments, fill sinks, and stratigraphy filters.
  • Rose and stereonet diagrams from grid models: Run a topography grid through a slope/aspect analysis and generate a rose or setereonet diagram.
RockWorks Drainage Map  

  • New Range/Township/Section Coverage - The free RockWare LandBase has been expanded to cover most of the U.S.
  • Easy section maps for your project area.
RockWare LandBase - database of Range/Township/Section locations in the U.S.  

  • New color palettes: Automatic palettes, custom palettes, and multiple color cycles.
  • Shaded relief: Display 2D contour maps with a variety of shaded relief options.
RockWorks Shaded Relief Contour Map  

  • Point Map Layers: Symbols and labels added for all Borehole Manager maps (stratigraphy, t-data, etc.)
  • Point Map Labels: Detailed labels can display varied types of data, such as stratigraphy thickness, water level elevations, T-Data dates and values, and more.
RockWorks Point Map Labels  

New Striplog and Cross Section Tools

  • I-Text and P-Text: Display downhole comments, notes, etc. in striplogs.
  • Text Wrapping:  Display detailed descriptions.
RockWorks striplog with wrapping text  

  • Profile "Stripmaps": Plot borehole locations relative to projected profiles, along with collar distances.
RockWorks Profile Stripmaps  

  • Log Titles:  Plot at the top and/or base of the logs - handy for inclined and deviated holes.
  • Custom Color Tables: Link these to your 2D I-Data and T-Data bargraphs
RockWorks Log Titles  

New Solid Modeling and Display Tools

  • Interactive Editor: Use the new 3D solid model editor to edit individual voxels or blocks drawn as polyhedra.
  • Filters: Automatic filtering of ground surface and borehole bases (manual options too).
RockWorks interactive solid model editor  

  • Lithology models:
    • Create surfaces for uppermost and lowermost contacts.
    • Create isopach maps and models.
RockWorks Lithology Surfaces  

  • Animations:
    • Animate increasing/decreasing isolevels.
    • Animate automatic beveling of voxel blocks or isosurfaces.
  • Contours: Display contours on the faces of 3D isosurface cutouts.
RockWorks Isolevel Animations  

New Color Modeling Tools

  • Borehole Colors: Interpolate a solid color model from borehole color intervals.
  • Color Import: Import colors into boreholes using descriptive data (such as Munsell codes) or raster images.
  • Display Options: Display a color model as 3D voxels, 3D fence panels, 2D section or profile, or 2D plan map.
RockWorks Color Model  

  • Raster Images: Interpolate a color model from vertical image panels.
RockWorks Color Model from Vertical Raster Panels  

New RockPlot3D Tools

  • World Coordinates: View the XYZ coordinates at any point within the display.
  • Digitize Coordinates: Digitize XYZ coordinates by clicking in the 3D view.
RockWorks RockPlot3D digitizing tools  

  • Embedded Striplog Layout Tools: Click on the Striplog Designer tab to define the log settings.
  • Embedded Profile, Section, Fence tabs: Click on the Select Map tab to define the panel locations.
RockWorks embedded log designer tools  

New Interface Options

  • Embedded Output: 2D images, 3D images, text reports are displayed right within the program's Options window. This allows you to adjust settings and re-process the diagram with just a few clicks. You can also quickly "un-dock" the window to keep that copy on your desktop.
  • Embedded Help: See instructions for the current topic right within the Options window.
  • Detailed Options Windows: All new dialogs for gridding, solid modeling, mapping, and other functions.
  • Maintain separate menu settings for different projects.
RockWorks - embedded plot window  

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