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New Features 

New Features in RockWorks14


New Project Manager Features

Use the new Project Manager interface to view and open files in the current project folder.

  • Customize the types of files that are displayed
  • Double-click on grid model names to display them as 2D contour maps and 3D surfaces.
  • Double-click on solid model names to display them as 3D voxel or isosurface models.
  • Hold your mouse of RockPlot2D and 3D files to see previews
  • Easily access and record detailed project information (stored as an RTF file) directly in the borehole database
New RockWorks Project Manager  

New Time-Based Interval Data

An entirely new data table has been added to the Borehole Manager database, for entry of downhole data sampled over depth intervals at a specific date (and time).

  • Display the intervals for single or multiple dates in 2D and 3D logs and log sections.
  • Interpolate solid models for a specific date or date range.
  • Create isosurface, profile, section, fence, plan, surface map diagrams of the T-Data models.
  • Import and export T-Data using the Excel (and other) tools.
RockWorks Cross Section of Time-Based Data  

New 2D and 3D Striplog Options

  • Fill portions of 2D log curves to highlight zones of interest
RockWorks curve and stratigraphy section  

  • Display a minimum and maximum scale at the top of I-Data and P-Data striplogs.
Gamma scale displayed at top of striplog in RockWorks  

  • “Unwind” 2D directional logs to avoid projection onto itself.
Unwound 2D Directional Striplog  

  • Plot I-Data and P-Data using logarithmic scales in 2D and 3D logs.
RockWorks 2D Striplog plotted with and without logarithmic scaling  

  • Plot 2D and 3D water levels based on data in the Water Levels table.
New water levels symbols in 2D and 3D  

New Cross-Section Tools

  • Plot lithology patterns in 2D Sections or Profiles. Patterns are included in layers that can be enabled or disabled, along with striplogs and other data types in the diagram.
RockWorks Section with Lithology Patterns  

  • Plot logs in Striplog Sections based on true Easting/Northing location, or with equal spacing between logs. This should be helpful if you have sections with large gaps between boreholes.
Sections with and without equal spacing  

  • Plot multiple parallel profiles automatically. This options is now available for all data types in the Borehole Manager.
Multiple Parallel Profiles  

  • Display the well-projection swath in your profile location maps.
RockWorks profile swath map  

Improved Stratigraphy Modeling

  • Constrain your Stratigraphy models based on upper ground surface grids or lower pit surface grids.
Stratigraphy model constrained by ground surface grid  

  • Clipped Stratigraphy models now plot side with panels along irregular boundaries.
Clipped Stratigraphy model  

New 3D Visualization Tools

  • Distribute RockPlot3D to your coworkers as a free viewer for your saved 3D scenes.  (Download the RockPlot3D installation.)

  • Include “isomesh” contour lines in 3D isosurface diagrams.

  • A new transparency picker makes it easy to select the color to be transparent in 3D images and image panels
New RockPlot3D Iso-Mesh  

Durov Diagrams

  • Plot hydrochemistry data as Durov diagrams, with optional point density or TDS color contours.
RockWorks Durov diagram  

Sieve Diagrams

  • Use this tool to generate cumulative grain size distribution diagrams depicting grain size distributions for one or more samples.
  • The direction of increase for the horizontal and vertical axes may be easily switched.
  • Annotion options include millimeters, microns, Udden-Wentworth, ASTM, Tyler Mesh, and USCS.
RockWorks Sieve Diagram  

New Import and Data Management Tools

  • The new acQuire import can be used to import data from an ADO (Active Data Object) database that is stored in an "acQuire" format. For more information about acQuire, please visit
  • Import multi-column (i.e. spreadsheet data) from XLS or ASCII files using new I-Data and P-Data import tools.
  • Adjust borehole elevations based on a user-specified grid model – for example, pull borehole elevations from a DEM, or hang a project on a gridded subsurface datum.
  • Display borehole data tables with tabs on top or buttons along the side of the program window.
RockWorks Borehole Manager Database  

New Mapping Tools

  • I-Data and P-data statistics maps to evaluate the high/low/average/sum values of downhole data stored in the Borehole Manager.

  • Use World Files to georeference raster images.
RockWorks map showing high Benzene values  

  • Color contours from classification values – use this to created class-based maps of lithology or other types of data where traditional “contouring” is not appropriate.
Class-based colored map in RockWorks  

RockWorks Revision List

This is just a small sampling of the features that were added to the RockWorks14 program. For a complete list, please refer to:

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