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New Features 

RockWorks2002 New Features


The new borehole data manager in RockWorks2002 is a data window used for entry and management downhole data: deviated drillhole surveys, lithology descriptions, stratigraphic formation names, geochemistry and geophysics data, fracture measurements, water level/aquifer data, log symbols and patterns.
New borehole data manager in RockWorks2002  

RockWorks2002 new feature: Open GL 3D viewer
The all-new RockPlot3D OpenGL plotting windows displays 3-dimensional diagrams: 3D borehole logs, fence diagrams, stratigraphy models and solid models (contaminant plumes, petroleum reservoirs, orebody models), as well as 3D surfaces. Within you can append multiple diagrams as "layers", and turn individual layers on and off using check-boxes. Adjust lighting, dimensions, transparency, rotation, and zoom. Filter solid models by displaying iso-surfaces for given values. View sections through solid models to see zonation. Stratigraphic and solid model volumes are automatically indicated. Capture rotating images as .avi files.
The new 3D OpenGL viewer  

RockWorks2002 new feature: deviated drillholes
RockWorks2002 is now capable of displaying inclined and deviated drillholes.
Sample deviated drillhole logs in 3D  

Sample deviated drillhole projected sections in 3D  

RockWorks2002 new feature: new plot types
With the new borehole data manager, and 3D OpenGL viewer, you can achieve the following plot types:
Lithology based projected cross-sections, fence diagrams and solid models  

Stratigraphy based surfaces, profiles, fence diagrams, solid models and thickness diagrams  

Geophsyics based projected cross-sections, fence diagrams and solid models  

Geochemistry based projected cross-sections, fence diagrams and solid models  

RockWorks2002 new feature: new tools
RockWorks2002 includes man other new features such as an improved stratigraphic-contact (""formation tops"") picking tool, improved multi-label point maps, and context-sensitive help.
New tool for picking formation tops/stratigraphic contacts  

Context-sensitive help menus  

Improved multi-lable point maps  

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