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New Features 

RockWorks2004 New Features

RockWorks2004 comes complete with numerous exciting new features. Among them are:



  • New ReportWorks program for easy page layout of RockWorks diagrams, bitmaps, legends, logos and more.

  • Easy time animation (solid model morphing) in RockPlot3D given a list of existing models, with AVI movie export
3D time animation  

  • Multi-panel profiles of lithology, stratigraphy, geochemistry, geophysics, geotechnical, fracture and aquifer data
Multi-panel profiles  

  • Bitmaps (raster logs) may now be incorporated within 2D and 3D striplogs
Include bitmaps (raster logs) in striplogs  

  • Include line contours on your color-filled geochemistry/geophsyics or fracture profile and section panels
Line contours in vertical profiles  

  • Geology maps, representing lithology or stratigraphy models where they intersect a designated surface
Geology map  

  • Borehole location maps may now include surface topography contours
Contoured borehole location map  

  • Automatic section/fence location maps
Automatic section/fence location map  

  • Disable contours at clipping boundaries
  • Append strip logs automatically to all Borehole Manager solids, fences, profiles, and sections
Append strip logs to solids, fences, profiles, and sections  

  • New fracture modeling: solids, profiles, sections and fences
Fracture modeling  

  • Stratigraphic formation picker now draws section as contacts are selected
Strat formation picker draws automatic sections  

  • Right-click on any map location to retrieve data records
  • 2D plan maps of lithology, stratigraphy, I-data, P-data and fracture models
2D plan maps of lithology, stratigraphy, I-data, P-data and fracture models  

  • Clip logs to display a user-specified elevation range
  • Automatic project dimensions settings for maps, grids, solid-models and images
  • Fully scriptable program operation (RCL - RockWorks Command Language) - all program operation
  • Revamped XLS file transfer in and out of RockWorks - much faster processing
  • Revamped bitmap handling in 2D and 3D images - much faster
  • Faster borehole handling prior to processing with additional user control over temporary file creation
  • Support of international number formats
  • New multi-user licensing option
  • Extensive help messages embedded within every menu
  • Menu settings may now be saved and then restored after updating to a newer version. Menu setting reports may also be generated

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