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PetraSim - interactive model creation for advanced flow, transport and heat transfer models. A preprocessor and postprocessor for TOUGH2, T2VOC, TMVOC, TETRAD and TOUGHREACT
New Features 

New Features in Version 2015


  • 64-bit version with 64-bit TOUGH executables.

  • Support for TOUGHREACT v2, TOUGH v2.1, HydrateResSim and limited support for TOUGHREACT-Pitzer and TOUGHREACT v3

  • New support for TOUGHREACT v2 include ICHDUMP variables and aqueous species plotting

  • New visualization tools include well plots, 3D colorblock plots, option to color cells based on phase and ability to import/export custom views

  • New import tools, including option to import well data from a script, option to rotate grid data during import, and support for simple Petrel geometry

  • New tools for selecting cells by row or column

  • Dozens of bug fixes and more.

 Click here to view new features in PetraSim v5.

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