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PetraSim - interactive model creation for advanced flow, transport and heat transfer models. A preprocessor and postprocessor for TOUGH2, T2VOC, TMVOC, TETRAD and TOUGHREACT
New Features 

New Features in Version 5


  • Support for TOUGH2-MP, the parallel version of TOUGH2 for larger (million cell) models.
  • The 2D cell editor has been replaced by cell editing in the main 3D view.
  • Z divisions are now controlled by layers, making it easier to work with stratigraphy.
An example of the new layering feature in PetraSim  

  • Non-uniform polygonal (Voronoi) meshes are now supported.
  • Polygonal boundaries and boundary editing is now supported.
  • Many major changes "under the hood" which make PetraSim faster and more reliable.
  • XYZ and DXF files are now supported for contoured boundaries
  • 3D slices in the results viewer can now be colored by cell
  • The mesh cell limit in all TOUGH2 and TOUGHREACT simulators has been raised to 99,999. Other new limits include: 300,000 connections, 100,000 time history pairs, and 5000 source/sink cells.
  • In TOUGHREACT, the Advanced Solution Controls now contains an option to switch between TOUGHREACT v1.0 and v1.2
  • It is now possible to "drape" an image over the top of the model
  • Time history plots of accumulated well quantities are now available.
  • The Run dialog now includes a Log tab which shows selected simulator output.
  • Simulator run time can now be specified with units (e.g. 10 years)
  • The New dialog now allows simulator selection and model boundary specification
  • When opening a model, PetraSim will now automatically switch to the correct simulator mode
  • Added a workaround for a bug in ATI graphics cards that caused crashes in the 3D display
  • Added a Safe Mode shortcut which displays console output while PetraSim is running
  • Added a Remove License action to make it easier to transfer licenses between computers
  • In the 3D results, vectors are now rooted at the cell centers rather than the corners
  • Improved the performance of the Line Plot results feature
    Added an action to select the regions between internal boundaries to help select fault regions. To use this feature, the user must select two internal boundaries, right-click one of them and click "Select Regions In between".

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