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What Users Say

What do our clients say about the LogPlot boring log software?

As our current clients have given us feedback about LogPlot, we've compiled their comments to give our potential future customers an idea of the level of customer satisfaction. Here's a sampling:


LogPlot is still without peer and the ability to import LogPlot files into RockWorks is, to me, invaluable.

Paul Maconochie, GeoTek Solutions Pty. Ltd.

GeoTek Solutions log 

Contributions to our success include hard work, diligence, some help from our friends, and LogPlot. We get rave reviews from our logs and our website. Unfortunately all the website reviews are either from overseas or people looking for work. The ability to deliver the logs in color via email, make changes to the log format on the fly, and the marvelous final prints adds so much to our hard work that it is impossible to calculate the value of LogPlot.

Your cooperation and assistance have been invaluable to our success.

Myra Nelson and Marti Barnes, M & M Geological Services LLC

Thanks. We are really enjoying LogPlot; it's enhanced our product tremendously. And your technical support has been "top-notch!"

Stephen H. Leeds, Precision Core Analysis, Inc.

The software (LogPlot) is WONDERFUL! I will be using it for the AAG presentation and my master's thesis. It will look so much more professional than trying to plot my core samples using Excel . . . I wish I had found out about this software much earlier. It would have saved me lots of time.

Kathy Shade, Southwest Missouri State University

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