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Features > LogView 

LogView: view your LogPlot 7 boring and well logs free!

Distribute RockWare LogView free of charge to your clients and co-workers, for viewing compiled and saved LogPlot 7 well logs. Print the well logs too!


Step 1:
Use LogPlot 7 to design your well logs, enter your data, and compile the data into the design at the desired scale. Once the well logs are compiled and displayed, you can save the well logs in LogPlot 7's LPT format.

Step 2:
Send LPT files of your well logs (via email or on CD) to your clients or co-workers.

Step 3:
They download RockWare LogView from our web site, or install from a RockWare trialware CD, free of charge.

Step 4:
They use RockWare LogView for displaying the well logs on their computer, for viewing the well logs on their screen and for printing the well logs to any Window-supported printer or plotter.
LogView lets you view well logs for free! 

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