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Features > Mining: Industrial Minerals, Aggregates, Sand and Gravel, Metals, Coal, Limestone 

Mining: Industrial Minerals, Aggregates, Sand and Gravel, Metals, Coal, Limestone

LogPlot 8's extraordinary flexibility has made it a popular drillhole / core logging software tool for numerous diverse mining companies.


Whether you're drilling for industrial minerals, aggregates, sand and gravel, metals, coal, limestone or any other resource, LogPlot 8 is the drillhole log display tool you need.

Use LogPlot 8's lithology column entity to display lithology, interpreted stratigraphy, mineral alteration, limestone grades, or other ore types. LogPlot 8 allows you to select from a library of over 200 lithology patterns, or design your own. Display any type of interval data - metal assays, BTU values, to measured impurity levels, for expample - as downhole bar graphs. If your data is point based, rather than interval, use LogPlot 8's curve column entity. Other data types, such as symbols, insertable bitmaps or images, scale bars, line entities, dynamic text, wrapping lithology descriptions, fillbars and drillhole completion entities allow you to present virtually any type of data you measure downhole. LogPlot 8 allows you to order these entities in any format in the Log Designer.

Drillhole / core logging example 

New LogPlot 8 features for the mining industry:
  • The new File Manager
    • Manage your data, design and plot files
    • Display, open and compile any RockWorks MDB borehole data, or easily save it to a LogPlot DAT file
    • Import RockWorks lithology and stratigraphy types directly from the MDB database
    • Compile multiple data files at once
  • The improved Excel import tool can import data for more than one borehole from a single XLS file
  • Raster exports (TIFF, PNG, etc.) of the entire log as a single page. Very handy if you need to import a raster image into another software program or print to a long PDF.
  • Backgound fill for Bar Graph columns
  • A new and improved format for Lithology data entry
  • An improved Log Designer interface
  • Support for Undo in the Log Design window

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