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Environmental and Geotechnical boring log software

LogPlot 8 is a commonly used boring log software tool in both the environmental and geotechnical industries.


LogPlot 8 gives the user the capability to create a large number of high quality boring logs in a fraction of the time it would take to use a CAD product or other boring log programs. Use fill bars to show sample intervals and types, or the presence of NAPLs or other contaminants. Show blow counts, contaminant concentrations, recovery, RQD, and other parameters as downhole bar graphs or text entities. Use USCS and lithology patterns included with the program or create your own in-house patterns and symbols. Include detailed notes in your Lithologic descriptions and in Header and Footer notes, with flexible text formatting. LogPlot 7 offers detailed well construction diagrams which can illustrate single boring or multiple borings, along with captions and labels. Display your logs at defined vertical scales, or fit them automatically to the page.

LogPlot boring log software: a boring log from the environmental/geotechnical industry. 

New LogPlot 8 features for the environmental/geotechnical industry:
  • The new File Manager
    • Manage your data, design and plot files
    • Display, open and compile any RockWorks MDB boring log data, or easily save it to a LogPlot DAT file
    • Import RockWorks lithology and stratigraphy types directly from the MDB database
    • Compile multiple data files at once
  • The improved Excel import tool can import data for more than one boring log from a single XLS file
  • Well Construction columns now have automatic caption labels with lines or arrows
  • A new and improved format for Lithology data entry
  • An improved Log Designer interface
  • Support for Undo in the Log Design window

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