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Features > LogPlot features 

LogPlot features

LogPlot offers a comprehensive set of borehole log software features including the Log Designer, Data Editor, and much more.


Easy-to-use LogPlot Log Designer

The new and improved Log Designer offers great flexibility in borehole log designs - use a pre-configured design as-is (40+ shipped with the program) or create your own. The LogPlot Designer is easy to use, with point, click, multiple-select and alignment capabilities. Create detailed headers, footers, and log bodies in their separate design areas. Toolbar buttons offer quick access to the 10 header/footer tools and 18 log body tools.

Borehole log software features in LogPlot - Log Designer 

Easy-to-use LogPlot Data Editor

Tabbed spreadsheet windows make entering data a snap. Point-and-click selection of rock or soil types. Type, paste, or import data from outside datasources. The LogPlot Data Editor includes tools for automatic depth intervals, arithmetic operations, data smoothing and filtering, and import from LAS, Excel, RockWorks boreholes, text, and DBF. Users have access to USGS and USCS lithology patterns and keywords, international users have access to foreign language keyword sets.

Borehole log software features in LogPlot - Log Data Editor 

Easy borehole log compiling

With your log design and data file open, just set your plotting scale in English or metric units, click OK, and see your borehole log displayed on the screen in the LogView window. LogPlot 8 now allows you to compile multiple logs at one time!

Compiling a borehole log using the LogPlot 8 software 

New and easy-to-use Project Manager

The new  Project Manager window allows you to view all of the Data, Design and Plot files within a designated project directory. The File Manager also reads and links directly to borehole data stored in a RockWorks database file. Open multiple LogPlot data files, Rockworks boreholes, and graphic log files in one easy step!

Borehole log software features in LogPlot - File Manager 

Single-page or continuous printing
Print to any printer or plotter you have installed in Windows on single sheet or continuous paper

Data export to RockWorks, LAS, and Excel format

LogPlot data can be exported to ASCII or Excel files. You can also export LogPlot curve data to standard LAS 2.0 format. RockWorks imports LogPlot data files directly into the Borehole Manager database.

Borehole log diagram export

Export borehole log plots to PDF for distribution to clients, or to HTML tables for continuous display in a web browser. Export BMP, JPG, TIFF, or PNG images of individual log pages, or export all pages in a single image. You can also export your logs to ReportWorks for page layout display.

Batch compiling
Build an on-screen list of data files to be compiled into graphic logs, which can be printed and/or saved

Built-in tutorial
The LogPlot tutorial takes you step-by-step through the processes of designing borehole logs, entering data, establishing program settings, and compiling logs

USCS/USGS patterns and international keyword sets
RockWare staff have meticulously designed pattern files and keyword sets that comply with the United Soil Classification System as well as sets that comply with USGS internal standards. Additionally, lithology keyword sets have been created for our German, Spanish, French and Italian speaking users.

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