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Features > Hydrology and Aquifer Data 

Aquifer and hydrology data in RockWorks

Aquifer data can be used for analysis and display in RockWorks. The data itself can be used, or interpolated into continuous surfaces (ie. water tables) using a variety of gridding methods.


Contour maps of water tables

Create 2D contour maps of an aquifer top or base.

2D contour map of an aquifer surface

Time based water levels in logs

Display observed aquifer tops and bases for particular dates in striplogs (2D and 3D) and log sections.

2D log showing time based water levels 

View continuous surfaces in 3D

Display the aquifer model as surfaces in the 3D window.

  • View aquifer volume
  • Adjust colors, surface styles
  • Zoom, rotate model in the 3D viewer
  • Append 3D logs automatically
3D aquifer model showing bounded upper and lower aquifer surfaces 

Continuous surfaces as vertical profiles or multi-panel cross section

Display these surfaces in single-panel vertical slices ("profiles") or as a multi-panel cross section.

  • Add border coordinate labels
  • Create an automatic section location map
  • Append 2D logs automatically
2D profile of aquifer/aquitard model 

Continuous surfaces as slices or fence panels

Display the aquifer model in 3D slices or fence panels.

  • Create fence panels in regular configurations or draw your own
  • Manipulate the fence in the 3D viewer - turn panels on/off, zoom, rotate
  • Append 3D logs automatically
  • Create an automatic fence panel location map
Fence panels for a subsurface aquifer 

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