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Features > Fracture Data 

Fracture data in RockWorks

A fracture-specific modeling algorithm allows you to create a solid model of fracture proximities.

Fracture data sets can be analyzed and displayed in myriad ways using RockWorks.


Fracture data in logs

Display fractures on 3D logs as oriented discs of varying colors and sizes.

Fractures displayed as oriented discs 

Fracture model as profile or multi-panel cross section

Display these fracture models in single-panel vertical slice or "profile," or as a multi-panel cross section.

  • Append a colorlegend
  • Add border coordinate labels
  • Create an automatic section location map
Fracture data profile 

Fracture model as slices or fence panels

Display the continuous fracture model in 3D slices or fence panels.

  • Append a color legend
  • Create fence panels in regular configurations or draw your own
  • Manipulate the fence in the 3D viewer - turn panels on/off, zoom, rotate
  • Append 3D logs automatically
  • Create an automatic fence panel location map
Fracture data fence diagram 

Fracture model as isosurface or voxel solid

Display the continuous fracture model as an isosurface or voxel solid in the 3D window.

  • Easily filter for specific fracture distance values
  • View volumes for the filtered models
  • Zoom, rotate model in the 3D viewer
  • Insert horizontal and vertical slices
  • Append 3D logs automatically
Fracture data solid model

Fracture data maps
  • Create plan-view maps representing a model slice at a user-specified elevation
  • Create fracture maps where the model intersects a surface, such as the ground or a subsurface structure

Fracture map created from intersection of horizontal plane with 3D fracture model  
Fracture map created from intersection of horizontal plane with 3D fracture model

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