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Features > Stratigraphy Data 

Stratigraphy data in RockWorks

RockWorks algorithms can be used to interpolate continuous stratigraphic surfaces which, when stacked, created a 3D stratigraphic model. Stratigraphy data can be displayed with RockWorks in numerous different formats based on the stratigraphic surface, 3D model, or on the stratigraphy data itself.


Stratigraphy logs

Display observed stratigraphy intervals in striplogs (2D and 3D) and log sections.

3D logs displaying stratigraphy 

Stratigraphy sections and fence diagrams

Display simple stratigraphic correlation panels, based on observed data, in hole to hole sections or 3D fence diagrams.

2D hole to hole cross section 

Stratigraphy profiles and multi-panel cross section

Display stratigraphic surfaces in single-panel vertical slices ("profiles") or as a multi-panel cross section.

  • Append a stratigraphy legend
  • Add border coordinate labels
  • Create an automatic section location map
  • Append 2D logs automatically
Multipanel cross section taken from 3D stratigraphy model 

Stratigraphy slices or fence panels

Display the stratigraphy model in 3D slices or fence panels.

  • Append a stratigraphy legend
  • Create fence panels in regular configurations or draw your own
  • Manipulate the fence in the 3D viewer - turn panels on/off, zoom, rotate
  • Append 3D logs automatically
  • Create an automatic fence panel location map
3D fence diagram showing horizontal well traces 

Stratigraphy model based on stacked surfaces

Display a complete stratigraphy model as stacked surfaces in the 3D window.

  • View volumes of the different layers
  • Turn layers on and off, adjust colors, surface styles
  • Zoom, rotate model in the 3d viewer
  • Append 3D logs automatically
3D stratigraphy model based on individual stacked stratigraphic layers 

Stratigraphy based geology maps

Create geology maps based on stratigraphy.

  • Display stratigraphy where it intersects a surface, such as the ground or sub-surface structures
  • Create a stratigraphy map at a user-specified elevation - a horizontal slice
  • Display stratigraphy as colors or include rock-type patterns
Geology map- horizontal slice taken through a stratigraphy model 

Display fence diagrams in Arcscene

Create stratigraphy fence diagrams, both observed and interpolated, for display in ArcScene.

RockWorks fence diagram displayed in ArcScene 

Stratigraphy data volumetrics

Create detailed reports of the volume of each stratigraphic layer, at user-specified intervals. The report can also list percent of material, numbers of nodes, and mass.

Volumetrics report for a stratigraphic model 

Stratigraphic models and fences based on imported grid models

Manually build stratigraphic models and fences from imported or manipulated grid models. Adjust cutoff values to make units pinch out. This allows for display of complex stratigraphy in a 3D display.

Stratigraphic model constructed from filtered surfaces. 

Stratigraphy Picker

Pick stratigraphic units from geophysical, lithologic or other log data. Use the interactive stratigraphy picker to view existing data and pick contact locations.

Stratigraphy picking window.
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