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Features > 3D Solid Models 

3D Solid Models

Use RockWorks to create continuous 3D "solid models" or "block models"  of your downhole geochemical, geophysical, or geotechnical measurments; observed lithology materials; color categories; fractures; and vectors/voids.  These features are included in RockWorks Standard and Advanced Levels.


3D Ore Block Models
  • Choose from a variety of 3D modeling algorithms and controls.
  • Create block models of assay concentrations and display them in 3D as isosurfaces or voxel models.
  • Run a floating-cones pit optimization.
Block Model of ore concentrations displayed as 3D voxels with logs and an aerial image  

3D Geophysical Solid Models

Create solid models of downhole point measurements - gamma, resistivity, etc. - and view them in 3D as isosurface or 3D voxel displays

Solid model based on downhole geophysical data  

3D Contaminant Models
  • Create static models of contaminant plumes and display them in 3D as isosurfaces or as color-coded voxels.
  • Create transitional time-based models, display these "morphed" sequences, and create movie animations.
3D Solid Model of contaminant concentrations displayed as an isosurface diagram 

3D Lithology Block Models
  • Create solid models representing the distribution of your lithology material types.
  • Display all or selected materials as color-coded 3D voxels.
  • View volumes of each lithology type.
3D Block Model based on material types using the lithoblending modeling method  

3D Color Solids
  • Display interpolated color data as 3D voxel models or 3D points.
  • Filter for specific color ranges, and view volumes
RockWorks color model interpolated from borehole color intervals  

3D Vector-Based Models
  • Use RockWorks to convert downhole directional data into solid models that approximate the extents of the vectors.
  • An example application is the generation of void geometries (cave models) based on downhole laser surveys.
RockWorks vector model  

RockWorks Block Modeling Options
  • Choose from a solid or wireframe surface displays, and adjust transparency.
  • Apply a variety of color schemes, including user-created custom schemes.
  • Interactively filter for specific value ranges and view corresponding volumes.
  • Insert horizontal and vertical slices, and reposition them to view hot spots.
  • Illustrate multiple concentration levels with "x-isosurfaces"
  • Insert cutouts to view the model interior.
  • Include automatic or customized legends
  • Apply dozens of solid model manipulation tools and filters
  • Include logs, aerial photos, 3D surfaces, and many other 3D entities in your scenes.
Examples of some of the Block Modeling Options in RockWorks  


Video: How To Use Surface (Grid) Models To Constrain 3D Block Models (07:20)


Video: RockWorks Concepts - Multivariate Modeling (04:59)


Video: RockWorks Concepts - 2D versus 3D Modeling (10:31)


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