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Features > Fence Diagrams 

Fence Diagrams

Create three-dimensional slices through surface-based models, as well as block models. These features are included in RockWorks Standard and Advanced levels.



Types of geologic and numeric data that can be represented in interpolated fence diagrams:

  • Lithology distribution
  • Stratigraphic layers
  • Quantitative data distribution (geochemistry, geophysics, geotechnical)
  • Colors
  • Fracture proximities
  • Aquifer surfaces
A fence diagram based on lithology data, with superimposed downhole data logs 

Panels are easy to draw in a map window; select from regular, pre-configured layouts or draw your own. Or, give the program a list of panel endpoints.

3D strip logs can be appended automatically. Automatic panel location maps are available.

Fence selection map in RockWorks  

Lithology Fences
  • Display your interpolated lithology in fence panels
  • Include a lithology color legend and view volumes of the lithology types in the 3D window
RockWorks fence diagram representing interpolated lithology 

Stratigraphy Fences
  • Display interpolated stratigraphic surfaces in fence panels, or display "straight" linear correlations
  • Include a stratigraphy color legend
  • Turn individual layers on and off
  • Stratigraphic fences can be created in Shapefile format for display in ArcScene®
Stratigraphy fence diagram showing interpolated surfaces 

Quantitative Data Fences
  • Display slices of your interpolated geochemistry, geophysical, geotechnical, or other quantitative data in 3D fence panels
  • Include color legends
  • Display in combination with an isosurface, and/or append stratigraphic surfaces for reference
Fence diagram from model of cone penetrometer data 

Color Model Fence Diagrams
  • Display slices of your interpolated color models in 3D fence panels.
  • Display in combination with other models, stratigraphic and aquifer layers, etc.
Fence diagram of a color model representing clay colors 

Fracture Fences
  • Model fracture locations in 3D and display slices of the model as fence panels
  • Append fracture discs on 3D logs
  • Include a legend to colors and distances
Fence diagram taken from fracture data model 

Aquifer Fences
  • Display aquifer surface and base in 3D fence panels
  • Combine with an isosurface representing a contaminant plume
  • Float a reference map above the image
Fence diagram from aquifer model 

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