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Features > RockWorks Land Grid Maps and Tools 

RockWorks Land Grid Maps

RockWorks has a number of utilities available to process and display your land grid data


RockWare LandBase Included for Free!

Use the free RockWare "Landbase" collection of Jeffersonian Township and Range data for the entire U.S, where available (from the US Bureau of Land Management Land Survey Information System and other sources).

RockWare LandBase - database of Range/Township/Section coverage in the U.S.  

Section Grid Maps (Township and Range)
  • Automatically calculates and displays acreages
  • Full control of plotting parameters such as labeling verbosity, colors, and font dimensions
  •  Easily export maps to Google™ Earth.
Section Grid Map 

Convert Legal Descriptions to Local or Global Coordinates
  • Convert tables of legal descriptions (e.g. well locations) into cartesian coordinates (longitude/latitude, UTM feet/meters)
  • Accepts quarter/quarter, half-section, or footage-from-edge style legal descriptions

Lease Ownership/Expiration Maps
  • Convert legal descriptions to cartesian coordinates based on land-grid database
  • Control colors, patterns, font sized, etc.
  • Easily export to Google™ Earth
Lease Ownership/Expiration Map 

Export Your Section and Lease Maps to Google Earth!

Use the KMZ Export to create stunning and useful diagrams in Google™ Earth.

RockWorks section map in Google Earth 

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