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Features > 3D Surfaces and Terrain Models 

3D Surfaces and Terrain Models

Create 3D surfaces based on elevation or other XYZ data. Display surfaces in 3D with a variety of surface styles. Adjust transparency, lighting, and vertical stretch for all. Zooming and rotation are possible for all types of 3D surfaces.

  • Custom color tables for 3D surfaces
  • Easily display multiple 3D surfaces in one RockPlot3D window
  • Drape Images, DXF and Shapefiles over 3D surfaces

Types of surfaces that can be created in RockWorks:
  • Mesh surface
  • Solid surface
  • Dot grid surface
Mesh, solid and dot grid 3D surfaces 

Surface color schemes
  • Solid
  • Gradational color (ie. hot to cold)
  • Custom color
  • Boolean
Solid, gradational and custom color schemes 

Additional options
  • Drape 2D contour maps over surfaces
  • Drape raster images over surfaces
  • Float raster images over surfaces
  • Stack multiple surfaces
Airphoto draped over surface topography, with subsurface grids below. 

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