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Features > RockWare Command Language 

RockWare Command Language (Level 5)

Almost all of the applications within RockWorks may be accessed, without displaying RockWorks menus, by placing special commands within an ASCII text file.  Note that it addition to running applications via an RCL script, it is also possible to display the RockWorks sub-menus.  


The target applications for this capability include:

  • Users who wish to automate repetitive tasks such as cross-section or contour map generation as new data is acquired. The RCL provides a means for automating these processes and eliminating the drudgery of navigating through the menus.
  • Developers of other applications who wish to use RockWorks as a subroutine library.
Sample RCL Script 

The "tree" menus that are used throughout RockWorks now include a pulldown menu at the top of the dialog box. These new menu items include options that allow the user to save and retrieve menu settings as RCL scripts.
New RCL tools in RockWorks options windows 

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