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Features > Rose Diagrams and Other Structural Geology Tools 

Rose Diagrams and Other Structural Geology Tools

RockWorks comes complete with a rich array of rose diagram and lineation analysis utilities.


Rose Diagrams
  • Rose diagrams explain the frequency of lineations in a given orientation
A simple rose diagram 

  • Create full or half (northern 180-degrees) rose diagrams
Full and half rose diagrams 

  • Create rose diagrams from azimuth bearing or line endpoint data
  • Assign custom petal widths

Rose diagrams with uni- or bi-directional data distribution
  • Data (e.g. paleocurrents & fractures) may be rotated and/or filtered (by length and/or direction)
  • Optional statistical legend and mean ray and error, and easy modification of title, reference rays and circles
Rose diagrams with uni-directional (left) and bi-directional data distribution 

Lineation Maps
  • Plot linear features on a map based on endpoint coordinates
  • Lineations may be color and/or line-style coded to distinguish different types of features (e.g. slickensided fractures vs. quartz veins)
Simple lineation map 

Lineation Grids
  • 2-D and 3-D contour maps of lineation frequencies, lengths, intersections, or a weighted combination thereof
Lineation grid 

Arrow Maps
  • Depict the orientation of unidirectional features (e.g. paleocurrents)
  • Arrow colors and line styles different types of features (e.g trilobite tracks vs. ammonite tracks)
Arrow map 

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