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Features > Grid Model Tools 

Grid model tools

RockWorks has a large assortment of tools and utilities for creating grid models based on XYZ data.

  • 12 interpolation methods for xyz data
  • Additional interpolation tools include Declustering, Densification, Logarithmic interpolation, High-Fidelity, Smoothing and a Maximum Distance Filter
  • Grid statistics and volume calculations
  • Easily manipulate grids using Grid Math, Resampling and Filter tools
  • Grid editor allows you to change grid cell values or manually smooth areas
  • Directional tools include trend surface analysis, vector maps, strike and dip maps, and more
  • Import/Export grids from ArcGIS, AutoCAD, DEMs and more
  • Manually create a Stratigraphic block model from a list of grids
  • Morph from one grid to another to create AVI animation

Gridding interpolation algorithms
  • Triangulation
  • Inverse distance (variable exponent & octant searching)
  • Directional weighting
  • Kriging (automatic variogram fitting)
  • Closest-point
  • Distance-to-point
Gridding Interpolation Algorithms 

Gridding Tools
  • Logarithmic - for dealing with highly anomalous data points
  • High-Fidelity - ensures that the grid honors your data points
  • Smooth Grid - automatically apply a smoothing filter after the initial grid is generated
  • Densify - create additional controls points using Traingulation before the grid is interpolated
  • Maximum Distance Filter - assign null values to grid nodes outside a user-defined distance from data points

Stratigraphy Diagrams

Create the following types of diagrams from a list of grid surfaces

  • Stratigraphic block models
  • Stratigraphy fence diagrams
  • Solid models
  • Stacked grid displays
Stratigraphy Diagrams 

Grid model filters
  • remove high and/or low Z values
  • filter values inside/outside a polygon
  • filter Z values based on those in another model
  • convert the model to a Boolean (true/false) model for "what-if" simulations
  • smoothing filters
  • rounding filters
  • resample based on user-defined extents and spacing
Example of grid limit filters 

Polynomial trend fitting
  • Create 1st through 6th order polynomial surfaces
  • Create 1st through 6th order polynomial residual XYZ files
  • Generate "goodness-of-fit" polynomial regression/residual reports
Polynomial surfaces of various orders 

  • Polynomial enhancement available:
    • The residuals from the trend fitting analysis are gridded, and added to the polynomial surface
    • The advantages are that regional trends are projected into areas that lack control points, while local regions remain accurate
Example of polynomial enhancement 

Grid model computations
  • area
  • volume
  • residuals
  • automatic anomaly-finder

Interactive grid editor
Interactively edit grid node values in a graphic environment.

The RockWorks2006 grid editor 

Slope and direction models

Compute slope and direction for any surface model, and create:

  • gradient maps
  • strike and dip maps
  • 2D flow diagrams
  • 3D flow diagrams
Inferred surface flow map based on grid model 

Grid Morphing
Create several transitional grids morphing from one grid to another, and export your movie as an animated GIF.
Animated GIF created in RockWorks 

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