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Features > 3D viewing (RockPlot3D) 

RockPlot3D Viewer

Use the RockPlot3D viewer to view 3D images: solids, surfaces, fences, 3D objects, plan view maps, site diagrams and much more!


  • Use this interactive window to view your RockWorks 3D images - solids, surfaces, fence diagrams, OpenGL images, and more
  • Interactively turn display items on and off
  • Append multiple 3D views into one
  • Easy adjustment of lighting, stretch, viewing angle, transparency, background color
  • Continuous spin around any axis
  • Capture rotating view as an AVI movie
  • Now distribute RockPlot3D to your coworkers as a free viewer for your saved 3D scenes. (Download the RockPlot3D installation.)
A RockPlot3D image of a solid model, surfaces, and drillhole logs, with the isosurface options menu shown 

RockPlot3D Video

Quick Video: Introduction to RockPlot3D (02:21)


Options for viewing surfaces
  • color
  • surface style
  • smoothing
  • transparency
  • range filter

Options for viewing solid models
  • color
  • surface style
  • cap style
  • transparency
  • value filter
  • volume display
  • slice insertion

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