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Features > Geotechnical 

Geotechnical tools in RockWorks

RockWorks offers a variety of geotechnial tools.


Sieve Diagrams
  • Use this tool to generate cumulative grain size distribution diagrams depicting grain size distributions for one or more samples.
  • The direction of increase for the horizontal and vertical axes may be easily switched.
  • Annotion options include millimeters, microns, Udden-Wentworth, ASTM, Tyler Mesh, and USCS.
RockWorks Sieve Diagram 

Slope/aspect analysis
  • Slope/Aspect analysis- 3D view
Slope/aspect, 3D view  

  • Slope/Aspect analysis- plan view
Slope/aspect, plan view  

Gradient vector maps
  • Uphill & downhill gradient vector maps
Gradient vector maps 

Slope movement velocity analysis
Slope movement velocity analysis 

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