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Features > Piper diagrams, Stiff plots and other hydrochemistry/hydrology tools 

Aqueous geochemistry: Piper, Stiff and Durov diagrams

RockWorks offers several utilities for manipulating and displaying your hydrochemistry data, including the most popular aqueous geochemistry plots- Piper diagrams and Stiff diagrams.


Piper diagrams
Piper diagrams illustrate ion concentrations and total dissolved solids for multiple samples.

RockWorks Piper diagram 

Stiff diagrams
Stiff diagrams illustrate relative ion concentrations for multiple samples.
RockWorks Stiff diagram 

Stiff diagram maps
  • Display relative ion concentrations for multiple samples on a map
  • Many scaling options
  • Options for labels and axes
  • Great for showing water chemistry variations
RockWorks stiff diagram map 

Durov Diagrams
Plot hydrochemistry data as Durov diagrams, with optional point density of TDS color contours.
RockWorks Durov Diagram 

Other hydrochemistry tools
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) calculations
  • Ion balance calculations
TDS calculation 

Hydrology tools
The hydrology tools available in RockWorks2006 include well drawdown and hydrographs:

Well drawdown
  • Compute drawdown for a single well using the Theis equation and display as a report or diagram
  • Compute drawdown for multiple pumping or injection wells listed in data sheet (also using Theis equation), display as 2D or 3D potentiometric surface map
Multiple well drawdown displayed as potentiometric surface 

Hydrographs display aquifer water levels and precipitation over time, thereby indicating percolation rates.
RockWorks hydrograph 

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